LEGO Friends Review: Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery #3930

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For any long, long time readers of the site, you might recall a time when I was posting anything and everything on, but two years ago I made the switch and moved almost all of my recipes (the good ones at least) over to my fantasy gaming and cooking website Castles and Cooks. But when LEGO announced their Friends line, I knew I had to buy at least one set when it was revealed the blonde was a baker!

Throw a garden party with Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery! Bake and create a garden party for the LEGO Friends! The sun is shining and Stephanie is putting the finishing touches on her garden party. Take the fresh-baked cakes out of the oven! Help Stephanie to wash dishes in the sink and set the umbrella garden table! The LEGO Friends are on their way for a girly day in the sunshine.

The Friends line has gotten a lot of attention since it was released last December. Some people claim it is sexist, others think it’s dumb, but I personally think it is great. Growing up, my sister and I would often play together using LEGO. She often made houses and farms, while I made war chariots that harnessed dragons. A line like Friends would have done a lot to give her a sense of having her own LEGO sets in a way the Belville never could thanks to the awkward scales.

The biggest change though is the new minifigure known as a mini-doll. Just a smidge taller than a regular LEGO figure, they’re close enough to the same scale without it being an issue. But the limbs and head aren’t compatible with classic LEGO figures, so there isn’t going to be a whole lot of crossing. That said the hair pieces are completely interchangeable so if you see a new doo you like, it can be used for any LEGO head!

Stephanie is the blonde in the Friends line. Wearing a purple skirt and white tank top, her attire is causal. The pink shoes and blue eyes all add some extra color that really lets you know LEGO isn’t doing this halfheartedly. The addition of a nose on the minifigure is a touch odd after all these years, but the overall look of the figure works. It feels like a LEGO.

Unlike traditional sets, this small build consists more of a multitude of accessories. I don’t know exactly what an outdoor bakery would entail, but this seems to have a decent assortment of parts and pieces in new colors.

The outdoor table is basic with a purple swirled umbrella keeping out the sun. The green and white stool matches it perfectly. A sink is included which is just a few bricks, while the oven makes great use of the hinged door.

For accessories, they are all food based made out of bricks. A frosted brownie is just two bricks, while a drink is a simple glass. The milk carton looks great, along with the cake. What I really love though is the frosted cake. It is only four bricks, but the use of the column piece is absolute genius on LEGO’s end.

As an impulse set for only $6, this was a great way for me to experience the Friends line. The accessories all being built is a very nice touch that more LEGO sets could benefit from. This feels like a good value with a lot of bricks, a great figure and some simple, but genius, designs. If you know a girl who likes LEGO but wants something that isn’t filled with guns, swords or bears trying to eat people, this is a fantastic line to expose them to. There is no doubt in my mind that these are LEGO and they’re no more boring than all the City sets people keep buying.

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May 4th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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