LEGO Star Wars Review: Mandalorian Battle Pack #7914

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Last year, LEGO got in a bit of trouble with Hasbro when they found out that LEGO was selling minifigures as magnets. It turns out that LEGO didn’t actually have the license to sell just the minifigures, as those fell under the action figure license that Hasbro had, so LEGO had to make some changes. While the specifics were never released, now when LEGO wants to release a handful of figures, they’ve got to make sure a construction set is the “focus.” And they’ve also ruined the LEGO magnet sets by gluing them together.

Fight off the clone troopers with the Mandalorian Army! A new force has entered Clone Wars on the side of the Separatists – the Mandalorians!

As I’ve said in the past, I don’t know a whole lot about the Mandalorians other than the fact that it allowed George Lucas to make an entire race dressed like Boba Fett. While some people think this ruins Boba Fett, I think it is awesome and am perfectly okay with getting Boba Fetts in every color of the rainbow!

The Mandalorian Battle Pack comes with four identical Mandalorian minifigures. One of them is labeled as an “Assassin” but that seems to be based solely on what gun he’s holding. Dressed to look like Jango Fett, these figures look pretty cool in full armor. The blue and gray armor is consistent and well applied, while the helms have the classic T face painted on. Thanks to blue trims and light gray highlights, the helmets add a lot to the look of the figures.

But the biggest issue is that the figures flesh color heads are exposed ever so slightly at the neck that really throws off the look. But it’s better than taking the helmets off because the face underneath is terrifying! A weird mix of Stewie Griffin and an old man, the Mandalorians just look… wrong. I would have much preferred if their heads had been solid black.

A handful of accessories are included with the figures to make sure this army is well armed. Each figure comes with a jetpack that looks great. Twin hand blasters, a blaster gun and a blaster rifle are all included. Since I don’t buy the LEGO Star Wars sets, these are great to finally get.

The other weapon is a small build and looks to be a sniper rifle of some sort. Thanks to some legs for support, the gun is truly massive – larger than any figure! But whoever gets to hold it gets to be the Assassin, so there is that.

Since LEGO was forced to turn this into a construction toy, the last two pieces are small builds that help them get around the legal loopholes. The defense turret is gray and blue with a giant canon mounted to it. It’s basic but looks good.

The final build is a small speeder that, again, is in the gray and blue color scheme. It’s decent enough and the smooth edges make it feel non-LEGO. But what I really like is that LEGO include a round 2×2 brick to support it so it actually looks like it is floating! That little change really makes me like the whole set a tiny bit more since it can easily be displayed.

For a set that is four of the exact same figure, I still end up really liking how this came out. Even though I don’t know anything about the Mandalorians, I don’t really care because they have such an excellent design. They all look great and the set reminds me of the old figure sets from my youth. The price has more than doubled, but getting four figures, a bunch of weaponry and two decent builds for the price of four Collectible Minifigures makes me more than content. Just never take off the helmets.

Written by jestergoblin

May 3rd, 2012 at 12:00 am

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