LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review: Captain America’s Avenging Cycle #6865

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The Avengers LEGO sets have finally arrived! It has been a few years since LEGO last held a Marvel license, but now that they have it again, they’re wasting no time. And now I have a Batman, Harry Potter, Captain America and Jack Sparrow all in the same compatible scale!

Win the battle against the general and the foot soldier with Captain America! While riding his Avenging Cycle, Captain America spots the general on his craft. Help Captain America use his indestructible shield to defeat the general and his foot soldier! Win the battle and send them back to where they came from. The fate of the world lies in your hands.

Much like when LEGO relaunched the DC Universe sets, the smallest set isn’t quite impulse sized, but this one is very similar to the Catwoman and Batman chase. Coming with two vehicles, a small build and three figures, this is a great set – and the only way to get Captain America!

Captain America’s entire look comes from paint. He’s your classic minifigures cast in navy with brick red hands. This works pretty well since his suit is mostly body armor and is painted with multiple lines and shows off his red and white stripes. Silver detailing gives his belt some added depth, while his back is painted as well.

Captain America’s head seems to be a mishmash of his Ultimate and classic look. The exposed face looks right and the stern expression works well for the stoic hero. The “A” on his forehead is crisp, but the wings on the side of his head are missing! A little paint on the back of his head makes it look like he’s wearing a helmet.

For an accessory, Captain America only needs one – his shield. Made of a vibranium-adamantium alloy, his shield is cast in bricks red and painted white and blue. It looks really good and includes a handle allowing for it to be easily held. He can’t hold it by the edge though.

The Avenging Cycle is near identical to the Catcycle; only it’s red and blue. Consisting of a dozen bricks in all, the vehicle feels a bit too bulky for Cap, but works pretty well. The blue vents add some needed color, while the clip on the back allows Cap’s shield to be stored. Honestly, I would have preferred if they had included the older style of motorcycle.

To face off against the first Avenger are two aliens, only named “Alien Foot Soldier” and “Alien General.” It’s vague and generic, but helps avoid any spoilers for the movie. My guess is they are Skrulls or Chitauri simply because of the purple hands. The Alien Foot Soldier is the one in dark gray. The armor is intricately painted with overlapping gold segments that remind me of Loki’s armor.

The head is inhuman with dark eyes and something resembling a beak, while the back of the figure is painted in a similar manner. I have absolutely no idea what they are supposed to look like, so does the figure work as an alien for Cap to fight? Yep! The General is very similar but in dark gray and vaguely different decorations, but for the most part it is easy to tell these are the same species.

For an accessory, the Foot Soldier comes with a ray gun (originally seen with the Space collectible minifigures), but it adds a few extra pieces to give it some added oomph.

The first build is a small based rocket launcher in gray, gold and tan. It matches the aliens’ color scheme but is one of those flicking missiles that I really don’t care for. The hinged base allows it to be somewhat adjustable.

The main build of the set though is the Alien General’s Craft. It’s done in the same color scheme with it being mostly tan. The wings and front are adjustable, while the bottom contains another purple flick missile. Attached to the sides are ornate golden blades. But the front of the vehicle looks like it almost contains a face with two sunken eyes, furthering my suspicions that this is a Chitauri.

As the smallest of the Avengers LEGO sets, this one is pretty good. Captain America is a character that needs to be paired up with more than one bad guy – so he can bounce his shield off them both! Cap is a decent figure and the aliens look appropriately otherworldly. As for the builds, they aren’t anything special but this is a perfect example of a battle in a box.

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with Captain America, Alien Foot Soldier & Alien General

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with Hawkeye, Iron Man Mark VI and Loki

Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown
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Quinjet Aerial Battle
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April 10th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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