Superhero Squad Custom: Maestro Hulk

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While rummaging through my parts box, I quickly came to the realization that I should make Maestro. The Hulk from an alternate future. What’s odd is that Maestro is best known as being a collector but that never was an attribute given to him in the comics, in fact it comes from his first action figure released by Toybiz’s Hulk line.

But I took my inspiration from two statues that embrace the idea of Maestro as a collector, because frankly, that’s what makes him cool. If I didn’t do that, he’s just Old Man Hulk with a beard.

There were a few aspects I knew I wanted in the figure: trophies, beard, necklace, bracelets, red sash, and blue pants. But since the figure is in Superhero Squad style that means a few creative licenses.

So I grabbed a few pieces for trophies and did some sculpting before giving the figure a light gray wash.

Hulk (from Nova Hulk 2-pack)
Claws (Wolverine wave 1)
Iron Man Helmet (Iron Man wave 16)
Captain America Shield (Captain America wave 1)
Thor’s Hammer (Thor wave 13)
Sculpted hair and details

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January 20th, 2010 at 12:16 am

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