Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Green Arrow & Sportsmaster

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I often see Ollie Queen as the Batman-that-could-have-been. Both are billionaires who dress up as superheroes with a quirky theme and don’t have powers. Besides, how different is a guy with a bat motif versus the guy with the arrow motif?

Green Arrow fires a mean jab to prevent Sportsmaster from scoring a villainous victory.

The left leaning liberal superhero, Green Arrow has had a full life. Billionaire, mayor of Star City, stranded on a deserted island and being homeless after losing his money. But that doesn’t matter because in the Brave and the Bold, Green Arrow is Batman’s rival, but in a good way. Since the Brave and the Bold draws from classic interpretations of the characters, Green Arrow is in his original, Robin Hood-esque costume.

What’s odd about this figure is the sheer bulkiness of him. Ollie has never been a big guy, sure, he’s in fantastic shape but his barrel torso looks comically oversized. Another interesting aspect of Green Arrow is his face. His cleft chin looks like a frown from the front, while the side of his face has an off center smirk.

Articulation is the same four as every other figure in this line, cut arms, neck and waist. Green Arrow’s bow is notched with a boxing glove arrow, which plays in nicely to the style of this line.

The other figure is one of those completely D-List villains that just doesn’t work in comics the way he used to. He’s a bad guy with a sports motif (as if the name didn’t give that away) and kind of pointless. For the show, Sportsmaster has dropped his golf attire and is now sporting an eye sore of a costume.

Sportsmaster is sporting as many different pieces of sports related equipment: running shoes, umpire vest, baseball mitt, neck whistle and what appears to be an arm guard used in archery which doesn’t make any sense. The black and purple paint looks clean but frankly doesn’t seem to make sense.

But the weirdest part about Sportsmaster has to be his face. Much like Green Arrow, he’s got his mouth off to one side. It looks really awkward as a 2-d animation rendered in 3-d. From the right, he doesn’t have a mouth and from the front he looks like Jonah Hex with half his face missing. Sportsmaster has the standard articulation again but be careful with his head, it doesn’t like to move.

Green Arrow is a decent figure, though I prefer my Ollie with less absurd arrows. But there’s something comforting about his quirky weaponry, but of all the characters to turn into figures, Mattel picked Sportsmaster. Much like B’wana Beast, this is one of those “really?” characters.

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Written by jestergoblin

January 21st, 2010 at 12:18 am

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