Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Blue Beetle & Plastic Man

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There are three types of superhero costumes: iconic ones that last decades with only minor changes because they show off excellent design sense, horrible costumes that are gimmicks and costumes that are so incredibly bad that they have to stay around. Plastic Man may the best embodiment of the third category.

New Heroes Blue Beetle and Plastic Man team-up to fight all forms of evil throughout the universe.

Plastic Man seriously has one of the worst costumes designed: goggles, deep v-neck with mesh, long sleeves and booty shorts. And this is all on a grown man, suddenly some of the claims in Seduction of the Innocent almost seem viable. I mean, he’s not even wearing shoes! But for all the craziness, Plastic Man makes up for it with personality and awesome use of his powers.

Much like Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man has the power to stretch and shape his body. But Plastic Man makes up for it with personality. One of the problems with stretching superpowers is they are really hard to translate into toy form. It’s only been in the last few years that toy companies have figure out the best way to show the powers manifesting. For this version, Plastic Man has oversized hands, an elongated neck and odd length legs.

Plastic Man has the standard articulation of waist, arms and waist. But his sculpt is clean. His spit curl looks almost Superman-esque. Plastic Man’s paint applications look great since his costume details aren’t sculpted on.

The other figure is Jaime Reyes, better known as the third Blue Beetle. Embodied with the power of a alien scarab, Blue Beetle is portrayed as a teenager who idolizes Batman. But who cares about that, he’s a guy with guns for hands and looks awesome.

The blue and black costume with red eyes really pops. What really makes him work is how different the shade of blue used is. The figure appears to be cast entirely in blue plastic which allows for the black to look consistent but there is a problem with the blue detail on his leg. The paint is clearly a different color and detracts from the overall figure. But while most of the details on Plastic Man were painted, almost all the details on Blue Beetle are sculpted on. He really has one of the most intricate costumes released so far in the series.

The Blue Scarab is attached to his back and is a separate piece but glued in place. After getting this version, it makes me really want the Blue Beetle Kanjar Ro. This version of Blue Beetle has two guns for hands, which makes him look a lot like Mega Man. He’s also sporting the regular four points of articulation.

This set seems a little odd, since a Blue Beetle versus Kanjar Ro and a Batman and Plastic Man set would make a lot more sense based on the episodes of the Brave and the Bold. But to get two figures without either of them being Batman is a rare treat.

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January 22nd, 2010 at 12:01 am

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