Amazing Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Super Villain Surprise

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It’s been what feels like ages since any Super Hero Squad figures have been released. The Avengers was supposed to include some new sets, but those never materialized so it’s been almost a year since I last got my hands on any new figures! But after the line got unofficially canceled, I can’t say I’m surprised. Kind of like how I’m not surprised that Hasbro used this as excuse to just release the same figures in this three pack.

Green Goblin and Doc Ock think they spell double trouble for Spider-Man, but the Web Slinger has other ideas!

I understand the concept behind this set. The first three Spider-Man films were very popular, so including the big bads from movies 1 and 2 makes a lot of sense. What doesn’t make sense to me is the inclusion of this particular Green Goblin sculpt. I’ve reviewed this figure before and it just doesn’t work as Norman Osborn (but works just fine for Hobgoblin). If you want to get creative, you can saw it is the fourth Green Goblin with relative ease but I doubt many people even remember him at this point!

Like last time, Green Goblin is permanently affixed to his glider. The paint on the glider looks good, I definitely prefer the dark gray look. In the packaging though, the right wing tip got bent.

The articulation hasn’t changed either with Green Goblin having cut shoulders and waist. His cape interferes some but he can still look like he’s punching or chucking his pumpkin bomb. The colors are brighter this time around which oddly mirrors the Green Goblin’s other pairings.

To represent Spider-Man 2, we’ve got the mechanical four armed menace Doc Ock! Amazingly, this figure hasn’t been release since wave 6 of the Super Hero Squad which came out over four years ago! Repainted in his Ultimate universe colors, Doc Ock actually looks pretty good. The silver and metallic green actually almost make sense for a lab guy (especially more so than his classic yellow and green).

I still love this figure because it is intentionally designed to allow Doc Ock to support himself with his tentacles. At nearly four inches tall, he towers above the rest of the Super Hero Squad figures. But the tentacles are still immobile so Doc Ock’s articulation is only his shoulders. If you don’t have any version of this figure, you’re really missing out.

Finally there is Spider-Man himself. I don’t know who at Hasbro is in charge of making the call as to which Spider-Man figure gets packaged, but clearly someone at Hasbro really loves the web shield variant because this is the fourth time this figure has been released! Shield aside, the figure is a solid Spider-Man but he’s almost a complete re-release.

When web shield Spider-Man first came out with Scarlet Witch years ago and then again with the Web Wheels… and with Spider-Woman, he’s always had the same glaring issue: the shield is not an accessory. Permanently affixed to his right hand, Spidey’s shield isn’t going anywhere which is a real shame. Articulation is decent with Spider-Man having cut joints at the neck and shoulders.

The paint on Spider-Man feels like the victim of budget cuts. The white shield got some extra gray to give it depth, but Spider-Man’s costume feels flat because it once again doesn’t get the wash that this costume so desperately craves.

I feel like I’ve been unnecessarily harsh on this set because I’m not solely viewing it on its own merits, I’m comparing it to figures that have been out for several years now as well. If you aren’t some extreme collector who needs every Super Hero Squad set, this is an easy pass. But if you missed out on Doc Ock and really want one for your Sinister Six, this is a great set.

Amazing Spider-Man Super Hero Squad 3-Packs

Super Villain Surprise
Green Goblin, Ultimate Doc Ock & Spider-Man with Web Shield

Battle Against Venom
Anti-Venom, Spider-Man & Venom

Escape from Lizard’s Lair
The Lizard (movie version), Gwen Stacy & the Amazing Spider-Man

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May 28th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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