Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Secret Invasion

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With a name like Secret Invasion, it’s hard not to be impressed with Hasbro’s commitment to nods at the comics in this toy line originally intended for three year olds. But nods to the comics have been a constant trend in this line. How else do you explain getting Captain America Punisher or a Secret Wars four-pack?

Unstoppable high-tech warrior!

Iron Man Mark VI is a repaint of the punching the ground stance that became very popular after the first Iron Man movie. Posed so he’s balanced on his feet and right hand, Iron Man looks pretty good – provided he says in a single stance. Much like Scarlet Spider, he can quickly look absurd.

The sculpt is surprisingly intricate for a figure of this size thanks to multiple overlapping plates. You know it’s his Mark VI suit based on the fact that the arc reactor in his chest is a triangle. If this figure was standing upright, he would look really, really good. For articulation, Iron Man moves at the waist, shoulders and neck but the angles prevent him from doing much besides punching the ground.

The paint is a good blend of metallic red, bright yellow and white. Nothing really stands out but the whole appearance is undoubtedly Iron Man.

Fearless hero and super spy!

Nick Fury is no stranger to the Super Hero Squad seeing as he’s been released three other times already (two Ultimates, one classic) but this is a brand new sculpt that would fit right in with the Combat Heroes line. Posed in the classic Galactic Heroes squat, Fury feels like a throwback much like Winter Soldier and Bucky.

Dressed in a black trench coat, combat boots and army pants, Fury is close enough to his on screen appearance. The head sculpt though is a great blend of Samuel L. Jackson and the Hasbro Heroes style thanks to the goatee and eye patch. With both arms outstretched, Fury is brandishing twin guns.

Articulation is limited with Fury having cut joints at the wrists and neck, so there isn’t much in terms of creative posing. The paint is decent, but keep an eye out on the eye patch which is just begging to get messed up.

For people who only want 616 versions of Marvel characters, you’re in luck too because this is a great way to get your hands on Nick Fury, Jr.

Sneaky alien shapeshifter!

Over the last few years, the Skrulls have gone from a comical punch line (they were turned into cows) into one of the biggest threats in the Marvel Universe. Between the awesome troop building two-pack, the Super Skrull and Skrull Soldiers, I’ve ended up with an army of these green-skinned shapeshifters.

Barely even a repaint from the unreleased The Secret Invasion Begins; the Skrull Soldier is based off the more modern look. Gone are the purple pajamas and instead we’re left with a Skrull wearing what looks like the super Skrull’s uniform covered with a gold and black tabard. It’s a good look that manages to walk the balance between absurd and alien. In his right hand, the Skrull Soldier is clutching some kind of alien gun.

Articulation isn’t anything special. The clunky shoulders prevent the arms and neck from moving fully. The paint overall though is excellent, but the face looks a little off. I think the eyes are wrong.

As a three-pack, I really like how this one came together. Nick Fury isn’t flawless, but for fans of the movies he’s much better than the pervious offerings. Iron Man barely makes sense as a figure, but there are plenty of other Iron Man figures available. The Skrull though essentially turns this set into a must have. He’s a fantastic leader for a Skrull army and it’s about time he got released in the states.

Avengers Super Hero Squad 3-packs

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Secret Invasion
Iron Man Mark VII, Nick Fury & Skrull

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