Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Attack of Loki

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It’s been a long time since the toy gods have smiled down on me. I think the last time it happened was when I stumbled across a full set of the Wal-Mart Marvel Legends Giant-Man series. But over the weekend, I discovered the full set of the Avengers Super Hero Squad packs at Newbury Comics in Harvard Square!

These three packs were originally shown at Toy Fair but never arrived on shelves. Many of us in the Hasbro Heroes collecting circles were expecting a repeat of the unreleased 4-packs. So I honestly have no idea if these are getting a big release, since only one seller has even listed them on eBay. I wish you the best of luck in your hunt.

World’s greatest sharpshooter!

It’s amazing that this sculpt from six years ago still holds up. The dynamic pose is a great reminder of what I love about the Super Hero Squad. The notched bow, the slight smirk on his face and the wide stance all provide Hawkeye with some amazing character. What’s really great though is that Hasbro has finally re-released this figure in the states, since he was also in the unreleased 4-packs.

Articulation is limited though with Hawkeye only having joints at the shoulders and waist. Thanks to the figure’s construction, he can only really move his arms up a down a bit before they hit either his head or legs.

The paint is where this figure really shines. Instead of painting him in his comicbook colors, Hasbro split the difference between his movie look and classic costume. The purple elements are still there but now augmented with black details. The lone flash of color is the red fletching peaking out of his quiver. It’s a great repaint, especially because of how perfectly it would work for Dark Hawkeye if you already have his figure.

Super-scientist turned super-strongman!

For a while, it seemed like you couldn’t escape the Incredible Hulk in the Super Hero Squad, but lately he’s disappeared from the line. Another repaint, Hasbro made a good call and reused the crushing a beam version of the Hulk. The figure is massive and towers over most other figures, but also happens to have one of the weirdest errors in the line: each of his feet have five toes!

Hulk had his own “movie” line for the Super Hero Squad, but the Hulk’s design has always translated well into toys. While the smiling face doesn’t really match Mark Ruffalo, there is no mistaking this figure. Hulk moves at the shoulders and waist, but his arms are positioned at odd angles.

For color, Hulk is cast in olive green that works well for the more muted movie colors. His khaki pants also make a lot more sense than the classic purple pants. But that’s also a color scheme we’ve gotten before.

Villainous master of mischief!

Thor’s brother returns to the Super Hero Squad once again in yet another repaint of his classic costume. The main villain in Avengers, it makes a lot of sense to pack Loki into one of these sets, especially for people new to the line. And I can’t be too upset about multiple copies of Loki since he’s known to make copies of himself!

Originally from wave 5 of the Super Hero Squad, Loki is another figure that has aged rather well. Hunched over pointing, Loki isn’t a figure meant to be brawling; he’s meant to be scheming. The costume design is based off his original comic look which is an awkward mess of geometric shapes that would make Jack Kirby proud.

For articulation, Loki moves at the shoulders, neck and waist. His flowing cape prevents his shoulders and waist from rotating fully, while his shoulder pads limit how high his arms can go as well.

Loki’s gotten a dark paint scheme to better match his movie look I suppose (the neon green and yellow probably wouldn’t fly). The bronze and dark green look really good, but I prefer the gold look from the Collector’s Pack #4. In one horribly piece of oversight, Loki has been given blue eyes for this release instead of green!

As a three pack of all repaints, this isn’t the most exciting set for collectors. But what I love is how both Hawkeye and Hulk had moments in Avengers with Loki. Between Banner’s “puny god” and Hawkeye’s mind control, these three together just feel right. What makes it even better is if you buy all three of the Avengers Super Hero Squad three-packs, you get the entire team and not a single duplicate!

Avengers Super Hero Squad 3-pack

Attack of Loki
Hawkeye, Hulk & Loki

Secret Invasion
Iron Man Mark VII, Nick Fury & Skrull

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Captain America, Thor & Black Widow


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June 13th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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