LEGO DC Super Heroes Review: Power Armor Lex Luthor #30164

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GameStop and I have a messy history going back to when I was in high school. As an avid gamer, video game shopping in South Portland, Maine was oddly oversaturated. My friends and I would regularly make the rounds between three GameStops, Bull Moose, Toys “R” Us, KB Toys (back when they still existed), Wal-Mart, Target and Newbury Comics – and that was just in a three mile loop!

But overtime I realized I was just buying games and never playing them, so now I only buy games I know I am going to play. And while I’ve loved the LEGO games, I usually wait until they’ve been out a while before picking them up. Then GameStop tempted me a little too much with the inclusion of Power Armor Lex Luthor with LEGO Batman 2!

As the arch nemesis of Superman, Lex Luthor really only has two looks: wearing a suit and wearing a suit of armor. Since we already got business professional Lex, it’s great that we finally got the delightfully garish power armor.

Once you strip Lex of his excess armor and weaponry, you’re still left with an amazing little figure. The purple legs and hands contrast beautifully with the green and dark green body. His torso is decorated with armored plates and a chest piece that looks like a honey comb arc reactor – which makes me think this, would make for an excellent Iron Man variant too. His backside is decorated with some simple lines to show off more armor as well.

Luthor’s head is brand new too. Instead of the stern, serious face he’s not got a creepy grimace. It actually looks a lot like the Superman face thanks to the high cheekbones. Since Lex is bald, he doesn’t come with a second face or hair.

The power armor is a handful of pieces put together. The armor comes from the Space Marine but cast in bright green with a purple stripe on each shoulder. To give it some extra bulk, two gray cones are attached to the base as rocket engines while a lone green stud is attached to the back to give it a powered-by-kryptonite feel. But thanks to the inclusion of an extra translucent green round stud you can get creative and add to his chest or to the bottom of the rockets, since I prefer keeping the back hollow stud open so his weapon can be stored!

And Lex Luthor’s weapon, the Deconstructor, is a remarkable piece of construction. Seven pieces in all, this kryptonite cannon is taller than a minifigure! Making use of the classic “bazooka” LEGO gun, it’s been covered in pieces like a black pole, a green inner tube and a giant kryptonite crystal. But amazing, the gun manages to be greater than the sum of its parts. It looks appropriate over-the-top. The only issue is the handle doesn’t play well with Luthor’s power armor shoulder pads so it can be difficult to pose.

As a final addition, Lex Luthor comes with three black 2×2 bricks. In the game LEGO Batman 2, Lex Luthor can use his gun to move black bricks (much in the way the Sith can move black bricks in LEGO Star Wars I’m guessing).

I haven’t gotten the chance to actually play LEGO Batman 2 yet, but I really can’t wait to dive into it. This figure is a fantastic little promotional one, but as of right now, was only available as a pre-order bonus which is a shame because this is an excellent figure. If you go by OAFE’s rules on what makes for a perfect exclusive, I would argue this figure might cause a handful of headaches. But getting a great figure with what I hope to be a great game makes me really like it.

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June 22nd, 2012 at 8:00 am

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