LEGO Olympics Collectible Minifigure Review: Brawny Boxer #8909

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When the Collectible LEGO minifigure line really took off, LEGO kept including the occasional sports themed figure. It was a nice touch but it always felt weird getting a single hockey or soccer player and no one for them to play against. But now the Boxer has someone to brawl!

Punching his way to the top, this lean machine in blue is ready to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee for Team GB!

In reality, this figure is just a straight repaint of the Boxer, but I don’t care because now I have my own Red versus Blue Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em brawl! Many of the same details are present yet again and executed beautifully. The intricate folds of his shorts with a red and white trim look perfect, while the intricate belt section shows off a large GB buckle. The Brawny Boxer’s chest is covered, but his muscles are visible underneath while the lion icon is printed on his chest. The only odd part is that the figure’s legs are actually cast in white so he looks very weird from the back.

Featuring only a single sided head this time around, the grinning Boxer has a light blue mouth guard in. His high cheek bones are usually hidden by his sparring helmet. But the best part about this figure is the hands. Utilizing the new boxing glove hand piece, these oversized mitts look great and work so well for LEGO.

For accessories, the only unique one is the sparring helmet. It is identical to the Boxer’s but cast in blue with the Lion GB emblem on the front. A gold medal is included as well, but the boxer is unable to wear it and look straight ahead. The display stand is the Team GB white one that looks good and is a great change of pace from the black ones.

Of all the figures in the Olympics line, this was the one I wanted most. As soon as LEGO released a red Boxer, I knew I needed a blue one to battle him and I got it! While he can’t wear the medal and the helmet while looking straight, it’s a fine concession.

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July 26th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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