Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Owlman & Blue Bowman

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Man, I love being a turtle, I love evil versions of heroes. The Justice Lords in the Justice League show were great and the Injustice Syndicate from the Brave and the Bold are a great adaptation of the the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Prototypes have been leaked that the rest of this crew will be filling out eventually, so the Justice League will soon face some competition.

Evil duplicates Owlman and Blue Bowman help the Injustice Syndicate strike fear across the face of Earth 2.

After the death of his mother and younger brother at the hands of the police, Thomas Wayne donned the cape and cowl and dedicated his life to crime. Taking on the motif of the owl, the ruler of the night (and a known predator of bats), Owlman is a member of Earth 2’s Injustice Syndicate. In what could have easily been a cheap repaint, Owlman is a brand new sculpt (though his torso may be reused, but that hardly counts).

Owlman’s costume is very similar to Batman’s but every part is just a little different. His wrists and ankles have bronze bracers, while his owl-belt is a completely different sculpt. The emblem across the chest is an impressive and stylized owl. But what really sets Owlman apart are his cape and cowl. His shoulders each have two spikes on them, while his cape is much more pointed than Batman’s.

At first glance, Owlman’s head looks like Batman’s but there are several differences. His horns are more curved, and he is lacking a nose. But the biggest difference are the eyes, Owlman’s slitted eyes are like a cats and drastically change how he looks. He’s got the standard four points of articulation, though his neck is limited by the shoulder spikes.

While Owlman is all new, Blue Bowman is a straight repaint of the single pack Green Arrow. While the two-pack version of him had a boxing glove arrow notched in his bow, Blue Bowman has a large arrowhead in its place. But it’s amazing how a simple change of paint can make a whole new figure.

First off, Blue Bowman makes great use of both glossy and matte paints. His mask, gloves, boots, belt and quiver are all painting in glossy black that really pops on the figure. While his blue is just the plastic, his skin is matte and it just creates a great visual contrast. One of the best things about the paint for the skin is that is helps soften the facial details on him so it doesn’t look like he has two different mouths. With just the smirk on his face, he looks different enough from Ollie Queen but since they share the same sculpt, they also share the same four points of articulation.

Two brand new characters in a single pack, both of which are bad guys? Sign me up! I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Green Arrow repainted again as Red Arrow/Speedy/Arsenal. But once the rest of the Injustice Syndicate is made, it will make a great group of bad guys.

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January 28th, 2010 at 12:46 am

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