Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Review: Kraang

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Nickelodeon is clearly messing with people just to see how they will react to this. In the original comics, the Utroms were an alien race that looked suspiciously like a brain and accidentally created the ooze that made the turtles. In the original cartoon, Krang was an extra-dimensional lizard monster that got severed from his body and ended up looking like a brain in the most 80s robot suit ever. Now with the newest Nickelodeon cartoon, the Kraang are a race of evil brain shaped aliens!

Extra-dimensional enemies of earth! Creepy, controlling and vicious, the Kraang are extra-dimensional, multi-tentacle, brain-like conquerors set on colonizing earth! To do so, they’ve come armed with powerful Kraang-droid exo skeletons, that (in some modes) appear human, but TURTLES BEWARE! Inside, rests a sickly, gross evil too frightening to “face”!

The Kraang figure is an odd one because the exo-suit is really an accessory. Standing almost five and a half inches tall, the suit would be taller if the legs could fully extend. Looking like a blend of the T-800 and the Utrom exoskeletons, it’s certainly a weird toy. The sculpt is mechanical and intricate with a collection of techno babble parts and pieces.

The massive chest cavity is empty for storage, while the mechanical head is tiny. I don’t know how these aliens are able to pass as humans with these proportions. The biggest problem with this figure though is that it is sculpted to have articulation that isn’t present!

The Kraang suit only moves at the neck, shoulders and hips. The neck and shoulders are ball joints while the hips just swivel. It’s an okay amount, but the figure is sculpted to have knees, elbows and ankles! It’s frustrating to say the least.

The paint is interesting. The “metal” parts are brushed to give them the appearance of steel. Bright pink tubes run over the limbs and back, while red touches like the eyes let you know this guy is evil.

The main “accessory” or “figure” is a Kraang! A small, bright pink piece of rubber, it is sculpted to look like a six-tentacle, brain with a face. The bright green eyes and black mouth are unsettling, but the figure squishes into the chest cavity. Thankfully, it isn’t sticky like the Utroms were so it shouldn’t be attracting dust.

The other accessories are two generic laser blasters. They aren’t particularly mind blowing, but are cast in charcoal colors and look good. Any sci-fi character would look great with them thanks to their angular designs.

This is a weird figure. The lack of articulation is disappointing, but the design of a brain-alien in a robot suit with giant guns is too fun to pass up. While they may not match the on-screen versions perfectly, this is a great way to honor the original evil alien brain, Krang. I just hope they are more competent and don’t end up running around as overweight guys in red underwear with slippers and suspenders.

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