Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Review: April O’Neil

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With the exception of The Next Mutation, all the Turtles toy lines have included their human compatriot – April O’Neil! Whether she’s a lab technician or a news reporter, April is there to give the guys some level of access to the outside world. When you really think about it, four home schooled boys are going to have some serious social issues.

Loyal turtle ally from above the sewer! April O’Neil may not fit in at school with her peers, but when it comes to the turtles, she’s all about team green! April is the Turtles’ link to the “real world” – ever since she was thrown into their lives when the Kraang kidnapped her genius father. Clever and independent, this gal’s got guts to spare and a mind for mischief. Get ready Turtles, Splinter is even teaching her the way of the Ninja!

April got a major redesign this time around but manages to sneak in a few references to the past. With the new show being CGI, realistic proportions don’t seem to be high on the list. This leaves April with thin limbs, a missing waist, and giant boots. She kind of looks like a DreamWorks creation.

The biggest change with April is making her a teenager instead of a 20-something who befriends a bunch of sewer dwelling freaks. The overall design is pretty generic tomboy with some touches that don’t really make sense; at least she has the fashion sense to wear shorts over her leggings. A yellow jersey is pulled over a long sleeve shirt. The whole fashion sense isn’t awful and I kind of get the impression she’s wearing ninja clothes under her regular ones. I do like the nod to her being the fifth turtle thanks to the giant “5” on her shirt – which is near impossible to photograph!

The head is cute but heavily stylized. The circle shape and almond eyes make her feel like a cartoon, while her red hair is just pulled back in a ponytail. The boots though don’t make any sense. They’re clunky, massive and look suspiciously like armor.

Articulation is a touch odd too with April having 12 points in all. Hinge and swivel shoulders and cut forearms make up her arms, while her hips are just hinge and swivel. That makes them very awkward. The swivel waist is okay, but her shirt gets in the way while her neck seems to mostly be a cut joint (though it is actually a ball). The biggest problem is the angle of the joints means her legs are useless for posing.

April has some decent paint applications and it all looks good. Her animated eyes are large but centered, while her clothes are clean and free of any slop.

This version of April though isn’t some nerd or reporter; she’s training to become a ninja and comes with her own arsenal of weapons! Cast in burnt orange, the weapons look good. Her bo staff is somehow longer than Donatello’s and must less “homemade” looking. The rest of her weaponry include a wooden sword for training (Bokken), a closed paper umbrella, a tonfa (nightstick), two throwing stars and some weird egg-grenade things. The weapon assortment seems weird to me, like Playmates just kind of threw them in with her. Especially since she can only hold them in her right hand!

Aprils have a tendency to be peg warmers, so to get around it Playmates shortpacked her 1 per case. That is a good sign actually since her figure isn’t that great. The design is odd and the articulation makes her bland. I do love the weapons but they all have such wide handles that I can’t believe they were intended for her.

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