Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Review: Foot Soldier

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Troop builders are an interesting prospect in the toy world. When done well, they are excellent ways to get people to buy the same toy multiple times. But the bane of a troop builder is being short packed. And right now, the Foot Soldier is really suffering from it because he’s packed only once or twice depending on the case assortment! Which would explain why Toys “R” Us is out of stock, because you need more than one, right?

Obedient, silent and lethal, the soldiers of the evil Foot Clan exist for one purpose only: to serve their leader, the villainous Shredder! Armed with the best, stolen weapons and gear, everyone but the Turtles cower in fear at the sight of their bug-like eyes and red bandanas.

As a kid, I only had a single Foot Soldier toy in my army. He would regularly get destroyed in battles and return immediately since he was a different character. It worked well and eventually I got a second one after my original one got decapitated (I think a car window is to blame). But with TMNT 2K3, I went way overboard on my troop builders going as far as having a dozen Foot Ninja and four Elites. This time I’m pacing myself and only getting one.

It looks like the Foot are staying human this time around and drawing a lot of inspiration from the comics and original Ninja Turtles movie. At five inches tall, the Foot Soldier stands above the Turtles, but cowers behind Shredder’s massive size. The design is simple: a guy in a baggy, black ninja suit with some armor on the legs and forearms.

The sculpt is good but crosses into that weird realm that many CGI humans do, it isn’t quite the uncanny valley but the proportions don’t look quite right. The details aren’t that impressive either with the figure looking flat and bug like.

The only real color on the figure is on the head. The red bandana is wrapped around with a new take on the Foot emblem, while the pink-gray eyes look like they belong to an insect. The only other paint is some light gray stripes across the body and the bland gray forearms and legs.

Articulation isn’t awful, but not the best this line offers. The shoulders are swivel and hinged, while the elbows are cut with the wrists. The only articulation the legs have are swivel and hinge at the hip, while the neck is just a cut joint as well. To make matters worse, the figure is posed like Shredder with one foot stepping forward.

Accessories are decent but not the best assortment. Twin sheaths plug into the figure’s back and are cast in black rubber. For weapons, a thin katana and short wakizashi, but the shapes of the blades are all wrong. The longer sword is identical to Shredders, but cast in black. Two throwing stars are also included, but it seems odd just how many different throwing stars are in this line.

I’m not crazy about the Foot Soldier figure. He’s a decent toy, but seems to be lacking something extra. If you need more guys for your Turtles to fight, he’s fine but the design just feels uninspired to me. But if you grab multiples, you can make excellent use of all those extra weapons the turtles come with.

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Vehicle Packs
Dragon Chopper with Dragon Fang Foot Soldier

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August 8th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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