Toy Review: The Brave and the Bold Action League – Batman & Gentleman Ghost and his Skeleton Horse

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Who doesn’t like monocles and top hats? Well, evidently Batman doesn’t because who else would go through the effort to make a weapon to punch a ghost in his invisible face. But maybe Batman is just jealous of people who are better dressed by him.

Batman uses his Nth metal knuckles to leave an impression on the fiendish phantom, Gentleman Ghost.

Let’s get the boring part of this set out of the way: Batman. We’ve seen this version of Batman several times already, like the time he went swimming with Ocean Master or the time he dressed up for Gorilla Grodd. But there is a minor variation. This Batman is wielding a pair of Nth metal knuckles (shaped like bats, of course). But like all versions of this Batman, he’s impossible to stand. Other than that, there isn’t much else to say about this version of Batman. His paint applications are fine and his articulation is the standard four points, but let’s face it, you aren’t getting this set for Batman.

Gentleman Ghost is a well dressed ghost, sporting a fine top hat, monocle, old timey tuxedo and a complete and utter lack of a head. He’s also been gaining in popularity recently, with his own DCUC figure. To achieve the look of being headless, the figure’s cowl supports his top hat, while monocle hangs down from the brim of his hat.

Gentleman’s Ghost looks good but the figure feels very scrawny when compared to other figures in this line. He feels skinny and I think that works in his favor. But while the sculpt looks great, with little details like skull buttons on his cloak and elaborate detailing on his tie and shirt, it severely limits his articulation. The cloak prevents his arms from moving much, and limits his waist movement.

Gentleman Ghost is cast in plain white plastic. He only has a single paint application and it’s glow in the dark paint! It only covers his chest and head-area. But the big problem with Gentleman Ghost is that his all-white body gets scuffed up way too easily.

Gentleman Ghost comes with his trusty skeleton horse, which is what makes this set a deluxe one. The horse is unarticulated but looks pretty good. Like his rider, the horse has glow-in-the-dark paint on its face which looks neat when it’s dark but otherwise doesn’t do a whole lot. The paint on the horse’s eyes is clean, with red eyes offset in black. But without any articulation, the horse is limited with what it can do. At least Gentleman Ghost can ride him!

This set is entirely based off a single quick scene from the show where Batman fights Gentleman Ghost. It’s neat that Gentleman Ghost has been released but the whole set just feels lackluster. Even with new arms on Batman, it’s still the worst legs for Batman. Gentleman Ghost just doesn’t look like he fits in with the other figures. Another issue is the fact that only Gentleman Ghost can ride the horse (though mitten wearing Batman also can now).

Written by jestergoblin

February 1st, 2010 at 12:16 am

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