Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Wave 18 – Reptil & Dr. Doom

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The latest wave of Marvel Super Hero Squad is available at retail and marks a turning point since this is the first wave that’s been designed since the cartoon started airing. Now the characters are based off their cartoony look, but I can’t complain because the Super Hero Squad cartoon has cameos of characters I’d never expect to see on TV.

Diabolic armored dictator!

It seems like just a few days ago when the latest Doctor Doom figure came out with his castle, but this Doom is a brand new version. While the last version was terrifying, this version of Doom feels strong and powerful. Wielding the Infinity Sword, Doom is based off his appearance in cartoon. While there are less sculpted details, the smooth design works well for Doom.

The paint is clean, but what looks the best has to be the rivets in the armor. Each of them is detailed and painted to give Doom a fantastic look that couldn’t be achieved with a simple wash. While the paint and sculpt look amazing, Doom suffers from the issues that the last two had: limited articulation. Both of Doom’s arms rotate but his cape limits his left arm, while his sword restricts his right. Still, the fact that this Doom looks like a guy in a suit of armor gives him a solid feel.

Dinosaur-powered teenager!

The new figure in this pack is Reptil, Marvel’s latest attempt at connecting with a younger demographic. Created for the Super Hero Squad show, Reptil first debut in Avengers: The Initiative Featuring Reptil #1. Much like how Transformers combine two things boys love (robots and cars), Reptil combines two other things: superheroes and dinosaurs! Reptil’s pretty basic, a teenager with red skin who has a magical amulet that lets him transformer any part of his body into part of a dinosaur body. Yeah, it doesn’t make that much sense.

This version of Reptil has him showing off… some absolutely generic dinosaur parts. He’s got clawed legs and arms, but nothing that screams any type of dinosaur in particular. Reptil’s posed to look on the defensive and the dinosaur parts are fantastically sculpted and heavily detailed. But Reptil is a character I have no attachment to in any way. His articulation is just the arms and neck.

As a two-pack, I can see this one being really popular with kids. Doom is the big bad of the TV show and Reptil is the guy created through marketing research to appeal to kids. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot of Reptil variants in the future. For collectors, Doom is decent but Reptil probably isn’t going to have much draw.

Super Hero Squad Wave 18
Reptil & Dr. Doom
Abomination & Thor
Spider-Man & Scarlet Witch

Written by jestergoblin

January 29th, 2010 at 12:06 am

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