Wii Mario Kart K’NEX Review: Diddy Kong

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For some unknown reason, I am cursed. It isn’t a terrible one like lycanthropy or anything like that. I just can’t beat video games. I remember playing Super Mario Land 2 on the Gameboy and just as I was about to jump on Wario the last time, the batteries died. Or the fact that I couldn’t beat Ocarina of Time for years – but I somehow got the Biggoron Sword before beating the Forest Temple. But Donkey Kong Country was the lone exception – not only did I beat it; I beat it and got 101%.

Diddy Kong has somehow been around for 18 years now! Whether he’s a replacement for Donkey Kong Junior or not is still up in the air, he’s been a core part of the Donkey Kong family for years now. Even though he is a monkey and not an ape.

Standing about the same height as a LEGO figure, Diddy works really well in this style. His small body allows his giant head to be the focus. The body is similar to Mario and Luigi with a two stud stance. A tail is plugged into his back but the main part is the head. Consisting of two pieces glued together, the head looks good with the large eyes and vacant stare. But I really love how the hat is glued on because it allows it to match the torso perfectly.

Paint is pretty much nonexistent besides the black pupils, the two yellow stars on his shirt and the word “Nintendo” across his hat. Articulation is cut joints at the shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, neck and tail. The head has some decent movement, but the legs just fall short of allowing him to fully sit down. In a truly disappointing move, Diddy Kong’s tail doesn’t quite hook enough to allow him to hang by it.

Like the other figures, Diddy Kong doesn’t come with any accessories which is a shame. His figure is very close to being perfect and if you’re a fan of LEGO and Nintendo, he’s a great purchase.

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August 29th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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