Wii Mario Kart K’NEX Review: Toad

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Every time I hear the name Toad now, I immediately hear him go “Yahoo!” in his high pitched voice. I blame those years of playing so much Mario Kart Double Dash time trials on the Baby Course. Then again, we played the game so much we thought about having t-shirts made that say “I bring the Blue Sparks!” Man, that was a good game.

Toad is a weird figure mainly because Mario’s power ups look suspiciously like Toad’s severed head. Having been a part of Mario’s history since the first game, Toad deserved to get his own figure. Hilariously top heavy and completely missing legs, this figure is Toad through and through.

Toad’s massive head is a single piece that is disturbingly close a super mushroom. Or maybe he’s just based off a guy wearing a turban. The face looks great and oddly inhuman, but the red spots on his hat/head thing are off center.

The torso is well painted with high fastening pants and a blue vest with yellow trim. His arms are unpainted, and his “waist” and feet part are just three solid pieces. The figure looks right, but the more I look at him, the weirder I think Toad is. How was he ever able to run in Super Mario Brothers 2?

Articulation is okay. From the waist up, he moves with the normal cut joints at the shoulders, wrists and neck. But his waist doesn’t rotate thanks to an odd construction choice and his feet kind of sway left and right.

Of the new figures, Toad is probably the most disappointing for me but that isn’t right. He’s a great Toad toy; the real problem is Toad is kind of a terrible toy idea. Sure, he may awesome in the games, but a mutated mushroom servant is so weird. If you like Toad, he’s fine but at the end of the day, he’s just Toad.

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August 30th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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