Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Wave 18 – Abomination & Thor

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After the abomination that was the Abomination in the latest Hulk movie, collectors have been eagerly waiting for a new version of him that matches his classic look: oddly lined skin, blue underoos and weird face things. It only took 18 waves to get one of the Hulk‘s greatest foes. All I can say is: finally.

Ancient god with the power of thunder!

Thor was a character that first showed up in Wave 2 in his classic costume, but in the last few years, that sculpt really showed its age. Aside from looking like a doughboy and completely lacked muscle definition, he just didn’t fit with the style. This version of Thor is in his classic costume yet again but his costume looks great, which is a shame because this version of Thor looks absolutely crazy.

Thor’s paint is great but his pose and face just don’t work. Instead of being in the traditional hero stance, Thor is standing more upright but his arms are pinned to his side, making all of his poses look really weird. He looks like a guy who has been squeezed into a doorway. The right hand with the hammer is straight and only looks okay when it’s neutral. His left arm is even weirder with a slight bend in it and a grip that can only be described as Force Choke.

But his face is another big problem because this Thor looks crazy and borderline evil. His eyebrows arch downwards just enough to make him look creepy. Thor’s articulation is also lacking, since his cape severely inhibits his movement (much like Doom from this wave). His right arm only moves about 180 degrees, while his waist gets about 90 degrees before being stopped by his cape.

Super-powerful mutated monster!

The real reason to get this pack is for Abomination. Abomination is just like the Hulk, only stronger and didn’t lose his intelligence, but he can’t revert back to human form. Stan Lee named Abomination as soon as he realized no one else had a character named that and told Gil Kane to “make him bigger and stronger than the Hulk and we’ll have a lot of fun with him.” Honestly, how many of you were able to read that in Stan Lee’s voice?

While there may not be much thought to the origin of the Abomination, he’s often regarded as one of the Hulk’s greatest foes, second only to the Leader. Much like most of the Hulk figures, Abomination appropriately towers over most other Super Hero Squad figures. Even with his hunched back and squatting stance, Abomination is big.

Cast in shade of green that matches his look really well, Abomination has minimal paint applications. Just his yellow eyes, teeth and blue underoos are painted but the limited use works well because his sculpt is great. His skin has the odd lines on it that are expected from the character and he has a smattering of warts on his body to break it up. But where Thor looks too crazy, Abomination looks a tad more like the Jolly Green Giant and is definitely the friendlier of the two in the set.

Abomination’s articulation is a little odd. His neck and arms are swivel joints, along with his right wrist. But his left wrist and waist don’t have any articulation which is a disappointment.

While pairing Thor with Abomination seems a little odd, it makes a bit more sense than packing two big green guys together. Abomination is a great figure, and Thor is only okay. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this sculpt repainted blue down the road as the character A-Bomb to be paired with Rulk.

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February 3rd, 2010 at 12:01 am

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