Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates TRU Wave 3 Captain America & Modern Ryu

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Capcom vs. Marvel is a great idea for Minimates because it allows each pack to appeal to completely different segments. Marvel Fans will grab packs for the heroes and villains, while video game fans will pick them up for their favorite characters. Luckily, this is a pack where I wanted both characters – even though they’ve been released before.

Fueled by the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers’ unparalleled sense of justice makes him one of the most respected heroes today, and the ideal leader of the Avengers. Extremely proficient in boxing, judo, aikido and various other fighting disciplines, he is also skilled with his one-of-a-kind shield, made from vibranium alloy.

Captain America is no stranger to being a Minimate. Much like the Magneto vs. Zero pack, this one shows once again the differences in Minimates style of paint versus sculpt. Captain America is wearing his classic costume of red white and blue. This star spangled hero looks great thanks to the multilayered paint applications on his torso and legs.

The muscles aren’t over the top but still give Cap the needed definition, especially when you see how flat his back looks since it is just costume elements. The scale mail design expands onto his shoulders like Green Goblin. A few parts of his costume though are added elements, like the cuffs of his gloves, his belt and the buccaneer boots. One cuff has a peg attached to it so he can hold his shield.

Captain America comes with his mask that has the ears, wings and “A” painted. The front is painted black to add some depth, but it looks slightly off. The other option is a maskless Cap and a classic blond hair piece is included with a part. Cap’s face is his yelling and looking furious. Cap’s main accessory is his shield which is fairly well painted and plugs in to his cuff with ease.

Ryu’s named gained great recognition among martial artists after he defeated the Muay Thai king in a fight. He now wanders the globe, hoping to become a true warrior by engaging in battles with fighters he meets along the way. In addition to his unique fighting style, he is also able to focus his spiritual energy.

Facing off against Captain America is the hero of the Street Fighter universe – Ryu! When I was younger, I spent way too many quarters at the Dream Machine playing Street Fighter II (or just watching people). Ryu is your basic vaguely Asian-inspired fighter. His outfit is a simple gi with ripped sleeves and ankles. To achieve this look, the chest cover is a separate piece that is well sculpted while his ankles are painted.

Once removed, Ryu is just a shirtless guy in white pants with some very well defined abs. Gauntlets are attached to both hands, but they are separate pieces which makes them feel excessively small. His hair is spikey and includes his iconic red bandana.

But between the hair and face, this figure doesn’t really look like how I picture Ryu in my head. He’s a great looking figure, but something just feels off about him.

For accessories, Ryu comes with his iconic special attack – the hadouken! A giant translucent blue fireball, it can be attached to his hand to fire it off (though his gauntlets get in the way). Or to have it floating in the air, a translucent jumping base is included – which also plugs into a character’s foot. A round display stand is included as well for either Ryu or Captain America.

Since all Minimates share the same basic body, they usually have the same 14 points of articulation: ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, hinged knees and swivel ankles. Ryu has all these joints, while Captain America is lacking the swivel ankles because of his boots.

This two-pack is a lot of fun. For many Minimates fans though, I can see it feeling a bit excessive given how plentiful Captain America figures are in the line. Ryu is a good figure too, but doesn’t feel quite right. But if you’re a fan of Marvel and Street Fighter, it’s a great pack.

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