LEGO Series 8 Collectible Minifigure Review: Alien Villainess #8833

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The LEGO Collectible minifigures seems to have a dark side: the rejects. For every absurd figure that could never fit into a regular LEGO line, there are some of them just hit a bit too close to home and go from “What if…?” to what happened?

“Go forth, my minions, and bring me the universe!” With a name far too regal (not to mention too long and too unpronounceable) to mention here, the Alien Villainess rules over a vast interstellar empire devoted to one thing and one thing only – total universal conquest! From her towering citadel on the Imperial Throneworld, she sends out fleets of flying saucers to every corner of the galaxy, ordering the commander of each to invade and conquer any planet they find.

From the top of her pulsating purple brain to the tips of her tentacles, the Alien Villainess craves nothing less than absolute control over all of outer space. That’s why it’s so annoying when people try to stop her, especially that pesky Intergalactic Girl who keeps arriving at the last minute, escaping her brilliantly inescapable traps and messing up her plans. Don’t they realize that the universe would be so much better if only everybody would swear eternal allegiance to her?

The LEGO Alien Conquest line was fun but didn’t seem to strike a chord with people. The classic 50s style designs were neat, but the line only lasted a single year before getting shelved. That’s what makes the Alien Villainess so interesting because she’s clearly one of them and a what-could-have-been.

This figure is a marvel of minifigure engineering. First there is the head. The large, bulbous eyes look great, while the touch of pink lipstick and eyelashes help sell her as a female alien. The dome is a translucent pink brain, much like the Alien Commander. But the head itself is actually three parts – a pink LEGO head, the lime green “mask” and the brain “hairpiece.” It works wonderfully.

Her design is very similar to all the other Alien Conquest aliens like the black and pink details, the gold and silver design pieces and the lime green skin. Her torso has a hint of female form through paint, but the black plastic devours most details. Her mechanical collar is ornate and I love the UFO abduction belt buckle. Since she’s a girl, she has the dress piece too.

Her main accessory is the laser gun cast in silver with a pink stud. It looks great, but the novelty of this weapon has died down. Her other main accessory is the cape. While it looks very similar to the Vampire, LEGO learned their lesson and actually made it easy to assemble – it’s two pieces! The collar and cape are two separate parts that combined give the regal look. She also comes with a display stand.

What’s most depressing about this figure is that the Alien Conquest line isn’t even available anymore in stores around me. They all clearanced them away months ago so she’s now an abandoned alien queen. Maybe that’s why she’s a villain.

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