KRE-O Transformers Review: Micro-Changers Waspinator

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I really like the KRE-O Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers (well, besides the fact that their name is a touch over the top). The blind bagged figures are exactly what this line needed. While you can’t compete against LEGO when it comes to the bricks, you can battle them when it comes to figures.

The divides in Transformers fandom seem odd to me. I grew up watching a handful of episodes from the original cartoon as a kid and never got into Beast Wars. So while I missed out on the Trukk not munky world, I usually avoid Beast Wars toys since I have no real attachment to them. But when I have to pick between attachment and an abundance of collectible figures, I tend to go the wrong way.

Like all Kreons, Waspinator has the same basic body that blows the LEGO minifigure out of the water. The small change of making the shoulders and hips ball joints, along with a swivel waist adds so much more to the figures. Without any accessories, Waspinator looks like a terrifying alien thanks to the bug-head chest and the giant purple eyes. It’s simple but works well.

Once he becomes equipped, Waspinator gets additional bulk thanks to some body armor, extra legs that attach to his arms, a repainted Jazz helmet and the weirdest backpack that tries to turn flippers into wings. The backpack doesn’t wow me, so I made some minor modifications to it by attaching a single stud to the bottom of the 1×3 plate and then plugging in each wing. For a weapon, he comes with the standard blaster but cast in translucent purple.

While Galvatron’s transformation was convoluted, Waspinator takes it too a whole new level. He kind of looks like a wasp… provided you only had the vaguest notion of what a wasp actually looked like. The stinger is weird and the fact that most of the figure is green means he will probably never turn back into a “wasp” again.

As a figure, Waspinator isn’t bad but he doesn’t feel as well thought out as Galvatron. The general design works well but if you told me he was supposed to be a frog, I would believe you. The transformed version is odd as well so unless you’re a fan of the character you can easily avoid him by know that he’s number 2.

Written by jestergoblin

September 18th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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