KRE-O Transformers Review: Micro-Changers Scorponok

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The Transformers blind-bagged Microchanger Kreons (there’s a mouthful) are the perfect little figures. As much as I adore LEGO figures, there’s no denying the simple truth: there’s room for improvement. After 30 years of relatively unchanged figures, getting a figure that looks like a LEGO figure but with almost double the mobility is awesome.

Then there is the fact that these figures are also Transformers.

Scorponok is the transformer who clearly missed the memo about what being in disguise meant. He transformers into a giant, mechanical scorpion which is bound to turn a head or two. Like all Kreons, Scorponok is your standard figure underneath all the parts and pieces – except for the fact that he doesn’t have hands.

Thanks to a color scheme that would make Green Goblin proud, Scorponok isn’t anything too new until you put together all his pieces. The tail is a combination of backpack and hinge parts, while his claw replacement hands require massive extensions. The whole combination of parts makes Scorponok a bit top heavy and hilariously garish.

Once fully assembled, the giant claw hands, weird bug arms like Waspinator and tail end up leaving me with a figure who kind of looks like a mechanical scorpion when you squint. The chest piece is especially off putting thanks to the peg gutting out of it. Even Scorponok’s face looks to be in discomfort behind those orange sunglasses.

Once the figure is dismantled and reassembled into his “alt” mode, you really see that this figure wasn’t fully thought out. The biggest giveaway is the fact that his head is just facing down. It’s like when I was a kid and would “demutate” my Ninja Turtles by putting them on all fours. The leg assembly is especially awkward thanks to the handlebar attachment.

What’s weird about this figure to me is that even though he isn’t anything special, he still feels like Scorponok. The claws are nice and I love that the round bricks can be attached to the hands (I would love Mega Man style Kreons). But the overall assembly is just a few bricks off from really working for me. Good thing you can strip him of most armor and just have a robot Kreon with long arms and claws.

Written by jestergoblin

November 14th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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