KRE-O Transformers Review: Micro-Changers Spinister

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You’d think a Transformer named Spinister would be connected to a spider somehow. Instead, he’s just a propeller enthusiast with a terrifyingly large gun.

I love that the first wave of Transformers blind bagged Kreons were all Decepticons. There is just something satisfying at getting a whole new army, but what is more satisfying is when the figures actually end up impressing me. Spinister seems to be the perfect example of what this line should be about: great figures, decent transformations and no extra parts.

As a Kreon, Spinister isn’t terribly exciting. I love the articulation these figures provide, especially in comparison to a LEGO figure. It’s just enough without feeling over the top like Mega Bloks. The ball jointed shoulders and hips are amazing, and the swivel waist is a nice touch. Stripped of his armor, Spinister looks like an angry Transformer wearing a purple sweater and jeans. His chest has some basic black designs printed and a giant Decepticon logo.

Spinister finishes his look by getting a rounded helmet and a special backpack piece that includes his propeller. It spins freely and works much, much better than Scorponok’s design.

For weapons, Spinister comes with two in his robot mode. First is the energon blaster that’s pretty standard and cast in translucent purple. It looks neat, but isn’t exciting. The other gun is a giant, double barreled chain gun. This weapon is longer than the figure is tall, but is also made up of all the extra bricks in the bag!

To convert Spinister, it’s pretty simple. Stand the figure up straight, take away his giant gun and unplug the handle. That’s it. The final result is a small little helicopter that works surprisingly well. The gun barrels turn into landing gear and weaponry, while the handle becomes the rotor by plugging into his leg. It just works.

When I first saw this wave, Spinister wasn’t high on my list of must-haves. But once I got him in hand and realized just how perfect his transforming design was, he quickly rose to being the best of this line. If Hasbro can make all Kreons this good, LEGO should be getting concerned.

KRE-O Microchangers Series 1

Here is the code to find each figure.

Written by jestergoblin

November 23rd, 2012 at 8:00 am

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