KRE-O Transformers Review: Micro-Changers Crankstart

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Crankstart is your generic Transformer. So generic in fact, that Wikipedia only mentions him by name in passing and his TF Wiki article is equally as sparse. He’s a Decepticon who thought he could avoid battle by sticking to off-road missions.

Given the fact that most of the Autobots are automobiles, that’s actually some solid reasoning. So while he’s almost a blank slate when it comes to being a character, that actually makes him an even better toy.

Like other Kreons, Crankstart is a great figure. The ball jointed hips and shoulders when combined with the swivel waist make this figure more than your average LEGO figure. When stripped off all his kibble, Crankshaft looks like your standard robot. The yellow legs are awkward, but the chest has some generic shapes that might look like a windshield. The face is stern with a red visor that would make Cyclops jealous.

When armored, Crankstart gets body armor, tires, exhaust pipes and a helmet. The tires plug into holes in the legs, while the exhaust clip to the arms. It’s a solid design and was originally used with Optimus Prime. The armor has a sloped “windshield” attached but looks bulky.

The helmet included looks more like Megatron’s classic G1 helmet than anything else. It’s big and bulky but works well. The final accessory is a translucent purple blaster pistol.

To “transform” Crankstart, an extra set of wheels and some random pieces are included. The figure lies flat on his stomach while holding a wheel in each hand. His gun gets plugged into his feet for a weapon. But the big change of this is flipping the armor. It is a little thing but when Crankstart turns back, I actually prefer the upside down armor look.

As a generic Decepticon, Crankstart works really well. The figure’s design is simple but screams classic Transformers. The little changes like flipping the armor also allow for variations in appearance so he could easily become just a robotic troop builder. While I’m not crazy about the yellow and brown color schemes, he’s still a solid figure that really shows the potential of the KRE-O line.


Written by jestergoblin

November 20th, 2012 at 8:00 am

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