Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Wave 18 – Spider-Man & Scarlet Witch

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Since the launch of Hasbro Super Hero Squad, five figures have constantly been on the top of fan polls: Luke Cage, Kingpin, Abomination (who we finally got this wave too) and the mutant twins: Pietro and Wanda – better known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch! With this set, half of the evil-mutants-turned-heroes-duo has been unleashed!

Smart, spider-powered super hero!

A wave without one of the big name heroes is unheard of; you’ll always end up getting Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine or Iron Man – except for Wave 3 which was Fantastic Four themed. In this wave, we’re presented with a new Spider-Man sculpt which looks a lot like an existing one at first glance.

What sets this Spider-Man apart is his web shield. While Spider-Man rarely used this power in the comics, it’s common in his video game appearances. Sadly though, his shield is sculpted as part of his arm and isn’t an accessory. But it looks like it should have been.

Spider-Man’s sculpt is new though. While most versions of Spider-Man are just repaints of his movie version, this version has inlaid webbing. It’s all sculpted into the figure and looks great. It would have looked amazing had the figure gotten a paint wash.

From an articulation stand point, Spidey only has three points: neck and arms. The loss of a waist is a shame because shielded figures beg for it. Without it, he can’t do much with his shield.

Magical mutant with control over reality itself!

In all honesty, no one is buying this pack for Spider-Man with his web shield. They’re buying it for Scarlet Witch. Female characters in this line vary greatly from cute and adorable like Emma Frost to they could have done better with her, like Jean Grey. Thankfully, Scarlet Witch falls on the gosh darn adorable side of the spectrum.

Wanda may be the best looking female character released. She’s in her iconic costume but thankfully doesn’t have her super curly hair. Some collectors may think she should have a different facial structure, but after the 5 o’clock shadow Marvel Legends release, I’d much rather have a version that errs on the side of adorable.

Her sculpt is great, with a long straight cape, long gloves and boots. I love that the boots she’s wearing look like heels but aren’t so her stability isn’t compromised. Her I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it headgear looks great and physically plausible. Plus from the back, it looks like she’s wearing cat ears!

While Scarlet Witch is completely lacking any articulation, she does have one more unique feature. Since her powers involve the natural ability to manipulate chaos magic, it can be a really hard power to show. In the X-Men Legends video game series, one of her powers was the ability to randomly turn enemies into boxes. But this version shows Wanda with pink “flames” rising from her palms. They look slightly stylized, but I would prefer something that looks more like magic than fire.

While Spider-Man isn’t bad, Scarlet Witch is the real selling point. Compared to most female releases in this line, she actually looks great. A fantastic balance of cuteness and comic accurateness make her a great example of what this series is about.

Super Hero Squad Wave 18
Reptil & Dr. Doom
Abomination & Thor
Spider-Man & Scarlet Witch

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February 5th, 2010 at 12:36 am

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