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For those of you watching the new cartoon, this review contains spoilers for it. The true identity of Dogpound is revealed on the packaging and it certainly makes for an interesting twist on what I assumed was just a bulky, brawling character. So if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read this review. Or read this character’s bio. You’ve been warned.

One part man, one part mutt, Dogpound is all evil. Mutated from martial arts master Chris Bradford, this razor-backed brawler’s been reborn with bite and fight that’ll rival any teen turtle he faces. Fiercely loyal to the Foot Clan, Dogpound’s off his leash (and off his rocker!) and ready to tear into anyone foolish enough to face him.

That’s right, Dogpound is the Chuck Norris lookalike Chris Bradford. It certainly is an interesting twist for the character and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in the show. But until I got this figure in my hands, I had no idea who he was. Having him be someone we met pre-mutation will certainly give his arc some extra power.

Dogpound is a massive figure. The first thing you notice about him is his weight with him weighing twice as much as Metalhead or Fishface. When you first open the figure, you need to do some minor assembly by plugging in his tail and back spikes. Once plugged in though, the back spikes don’t want to let go.

This giant, lumbering monster reminds me a lot of older Ninja Turtle foes since he’s so asymmetrical. Dogpound’s most noticeable feature is his spike covered left arm. Like a lacrosse player from hell, he stands with an awkward hunch. His arm is covered with protrusions similar to Marrow. His left hand has several spikes sticking out of it – like Shredder himself.

Dogpound’s other arm is leaner and ends with a clawed hand. This imbalance makes me think something went horribly wrong with his mutation. The legs are an afterthought but the old design of a high ranking Foot Ninja can still be seen. The face though looks great.

While the CGI renderings make it look like Dogpound has a mustache, the toy  backed down a bit and instead gave him a terrifying grin and sunken eyes. This is clearly an individual who likes inflicting harm. So while the figure is about the same height as the Turtles, his outstretched arms are enough to cover three of them in one go!

Dogpound doesn’t come with any accessories though besides the plug in ones. His left hand is sculpted to hold a weapon (and the turtles each came with extras). But a weird sculpting decision was made with his right and left arms facing different directions. The articulation is a bit odd as well.

Dogpound has a swivel neck, but it’s at such an angle he can only tilt his head. The shoulders are hinge and swivel but face different directions. The swivel wrists are okay too, but the paint applications can really break them up. A swivel waist and hinge and swivel legs round him out nicely. It’s a solid amount of articulation and almost all of it is useful.

The paint though is where Dogpound really falls hard. The white and orange color scheme looks good for the post part, but in some areas it just doesn’t work. The straps on his chest are completely ignored and the spikes on his back are left unpainted as well. It just ends up looking like this figure is half finished. On the arms, the dry brushing is decent but doesn’t make sense on the arms thanks to the odd sculpting. The legs are relatively untouched and contrast even more with the upper half of the figure. The face looks really good though.

Of the three figures in this wave, Dogpound is the least exciting. The paint is what really hurts this figure because he just ends up feeling unfinished. Without an accessory of any kind, he’s just a big, lumbering brute. But this guy is supposed to be an amazing ninja, so why not give him a giant weapon or something over the top? He isn’t awful, but if you aren’t a fan of the character, you probably don’t need to rush out and buy him.

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