Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Review: Fishface

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With the first wave of the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles, I got to judge the figures on characters that I already knew and loved. Well, except the Kraang but that one is close enough to a few familiar brains that is doesn’t count. But with the new cartoon, what makes me excited is the return of mutants.

A thug with no equal, Fishface was once Xever, a street urchin recruited by the Foot Clan for his incredible criminal skills. Mutated by the Kraang, this crook’s become even more crooked, thanks to his hybrid body. Forced to rely on powerful, robotic legs and an external, water-breathing rig, Fishface may be a “fish out of water,” but that doesn’t stop him from being the Turtles’ most cutthroat enemy!

While I loved the TMNT 2K3 series, there was one major, glaring omission: an absence of mutants! Besides the Turtles and Leatherhead, there wasn’t a whole lot of random mutation going on. While the original cartoon may have gone a bit overboard with the mutant-of-the-week, I really like that the new cartoon is embracing the idea of people get mutated into monsters.

Fishface is one of Shredder’s new thugs – probably. All I know about him comes from the back of the card. Here’s what you need to know: he drew the short end of the mutation straw. Being turned into a fish sounds awesome, but Fishface didn’t get to keep his legs. And he can’t breathe above the water, so he really got dealt a bad hand.

Being a giant purple fish mutant looks cool through. He kind of reminds me of Armaggon, only much more lanky. The sculpting looks great thanks to each scale being individually done. His long arms are creepily out of proportion with his giant, piranha like head. At the base, his tail peaks out showing just how much work needs to be done for him to exists above the sea.

Fishface has two mechanical additions. First are the legs that look a lot like the Kraang’s exo-suits, but bulkier. Second is an orange breathing apparatus attached to his gills that allow him to breathe on land. It’s attached to his head via rubber tubes which allows him to keep most of his neck articulation.

The articulation is more plentiful than I expected. Fishface has 12 points in all. His neck is a cut joint and so is his face, but sadly his jaw doesn’t move. The shoulders are hinge and swivel effectively making them a ball joint, while his wrists are cut as well – even if they don’t look it. The waist rotates along with the hips and his tail. It was almost twice as much articulation as I was expecting.

Like Metalhead though, Playmates really skimped on the paint applications. The face looks good with the yellow eyes and black mouth, but the arm bands are left undone. His legs are a single color and his tank top is only done in the front. The worst offender though is his bright orange breathing apparatus.

To show that Fishface is from the streets, he comes with two weapons cast in a dark gray. First is a small butterfly knife that is unobtrusive but a fine addition to the accessory bin. Second is an absurd butterfly-sai-blade. This massive blade is almost as tall as Fishface and the absurdly thick handle makes it near impossible to carry. But as dumb as it looks, it somehow manages to work (probably because it wasn’t cast in that horrible neon orange).

As a kid, I loved all the crazy mutants that showed up in the original Ninja Turtles line and that was really the biggest omission last time the turtles got big. Fishface isn’t a perfect figure, but he’s an interesting one visually and as a toy. The idea of a cyborg fish-mutant is pretty neat and I really hope Shredder keeps trying to fight fire with fire and makes an army of mutants because that is when Playmates does their best work.

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