Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League Review – Batman & the Joker

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Three waves in and Mattel finally decided to pair Batman up with his greatest enemy: the Joker! Only I never expected them to literally pair the two of them up. But then again, the Joker in his twisted mind would be almost as upset as Batman if someone started impersonating the Dark Knight.

After being framed, Batman is forced into an uneasy partnership with the Clown Prince of Crime.

Let’s play a game called versions of Batman I hate (and no, I’m not talking about Zebra Camo Batman or Arctic Batman). This Batman figure is everything I dislike about this line: straight repacks of a terrible figure. This version of Batman has been repainted and given minor variations multiple times now but that doesn’t change the simple fact that he cannot stand. The step forward stance just doesn’t work with the cape and automatically creates an imbalance. This Batman isn’t anything new, just in his gray and blues and sporting the standard four points of articulation.

The big draw of this pack is the Clown Prince of Crime himself – the Joker! Like most of the Brave and the Bold character designs, the Joker is based off his Silver Age appearance. He’s a big bulkier than how the Joker is portrayed now and puts the emphasis on jokes and gags over just downright killing.

The Joker’s face looks great – bleached white skin and bright red lips. What I really like is that his hair only has a green highlight, but is otherwise black. This really changes the Joker’s appearance from completely crazy to slightly off, almost as a mockery of comics’ old method of using blue to highlight black. By using green, it really seems off to me in a way that fits the Joker’s character perfectly.

While the DCUC versions of Joker and Gentleman Ghost shared the same sculpt, these two don’t share anything which is nice but makes Gentleman Ghost look even more out of place when compared to the rest of the Brave and the Bold Action League line. Joker is brandishing a large green hammer with a clown face on it, which works well for the character but can disrupt his balance. Amazingly enough, Joker’s sleeves, which can barely be seen between his jacket and gloves, are painted white. Nice attention to detail. Plus his shoes are painted glossy which look great. Joker’s articulation is the standard four joints, but his pointy chin restricts his neck movement.

While I loathe this version of Batman, the Joker figure is a perfect example of what the Brave and the Bold is about: Silver Age characters done in a uniform style that evoke a sense of timelessness while mostly avoiding being too campy. Though Batman’s blue eyebrows are starting to get to me.

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February 9th, 2010 at 12:51 am

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