Toy Review: Combat Heroes Wave 3: Snake Eyes & Cobra Viper

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Combat Heroes has faced the horrible fate of cancellation. Once The Rise of Cobra figures were announced, Wave 3 was sent to toy purgatory and most of us thought that meant they were canceled. Then out of the blue, they showed up in Canadian markets and I finally managed to snag a set. While I may not be the biggest G.I. Joe fan, I know well done toys when I see them!

Commando Snake Eyes is interesting because he would be one of the first figures to get a variant in the Combat Heroes line. While his first release was him in his ninja garb, this version of the silent killer is decked out in his commando gear that matches the first release of toy. Armed with a machine gun and sporting goggles, he really looks pretty good.

Like many other heroes figures, Snake Eyes’ left hand is pointing which is a stylistic choice seen many times, but in this case it really works. With Snake Eyes being a mute and being in his commando outfit, his hand can be moved to motion forward. It’s a great little piece for the figure. The rest of Snake Eyes’ sculpt is perfectly serviceable but several sculpted parts inhibit his articulation.

Snake Eyes is sporting four points of articulation, but two of them are impacted in one way or another. His neck is limited because of the shoulder pouches that block his chin, giving him only a few degrees of mobility. Both his arms are perfectly fine but his waist is limited the same way as his neck.

The other figure in this pack would have been a great army builder had these packs gotten a large release. Cobra Vipers were the level of soldiers above the Cobra Troopers, but they were little more than cannon fodder.

Cobra Viper’s look draws aspects from Cobra Commander, but so many parts of the design just seem really odd. The red padding, short sleeves and black vest all seem like unlikely choices for armor. His face is mirrored like Cobra Commander’s (and for some reason he’s wearing goggles).

Cobra Viper is wielding an impressive looking gun, an assault rifle of some sorts. Viper’s articulation has a new joint that hasn’t been seen yet in any of Hasbro’s Heroes lines. His neck and right arm are normal, but the left arm is articulated at the elbow which allows for some great poses, like at ease or aiming. And if you’re more morbid, it can look like a horribly broken arm.

While these two-packs are near impossible to find, I could easily see how fans of G.I. Joe would love these. The sculpts are excellent and these two figures have great paint applications. If you’re a fan, they’re a fun set of toys but I wouldn’t recommend paying more than retail to track them down.

G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Wave 3
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Written by jestergoblin

February 8th, 2010 at 12:19 am

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