Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Iron Man 2 – Armor Wars I

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You’ve got to hand it to Hasbro, they know when they’ve got a hit on their hands and rush product out the door. But sometimes companies get a little excited about having new toys and put them out before the street date, and that’s exactly what Toys “R” Us did with the newest Iron Man 2 toys. But I’m not complaining, because anything that adds to my armory is okay with me!

Iron Monger is back and more powerful than ever! As the giant Super Villain smashes his way through Stark Industries, Iron Man and his friend War Machine prepare to bring the battle to the bag guy. Iron Monger might be tough, but against two supersonic Super Heroes he doesn’t stand a chance!

The bio’s great for explaining how Iron Monger is back (even after his apparent death at the end of the movie) but giving fans the character in his comic look is great. Though one has to wonder about calling Iron Man and War Machine “supersonic Super Heroes,” if Quicksilver had a figure, he wouldn’t stand for it!

I’ll start off with Iron Man because he’s the least interesting of the bunch. Decked out in the armor he wore in his animated series in the 90s, he’s a figure I’ve reviewed twice now. This version does have a minor paint variant though. His hands and toes have black lines to help detail Tony more, but they end up looking like Iron Man stole Spider-Man’s gloves.

Aside from the gloves, Iron Man is identical to the figure that came packaged with the Battle for Doom’s Castle. He’s still articulated at the neck and arms but there just isn’t enough of a difference to make me excited for the figure. Had he been in his stealth armor or some other weird version, I’d be more interested in him.

Tony’s best friend got his own suit of armor with a different color scheme to differentiate them but this War Machine looks great. Inspired by his appearance in Avengers: the Initiative, this version of Jim Rhodes has a slightly anime influence but the figure as a whole looks great. He looks like a guy in a suit and has a fantastic design that is clearly War Machine but really unique.

War Machine has some bulk that was missing from his last release; he actually looks like a guy in a suit of armor. The silver and black paint looks good, but the lime green detailing is what makes the figure. The drastic contrast makes the figure pop on a shelf. Throw in his missile launcher and laser cannon and he’s a force to be reckoned with. War Machine has the same points of articulation as Iron Man: both arms and neck but his head is limited by his chin.

The big bad in this set is Obadiah (the Dude) Stain, better known as Iron Monger. He’s basically a bigger, stronger, slower and dumber version of Tony. Decked out in a blue suit of armor that would make Juggernaut proud, Iron Monger is a big figure. While he’s been cutesified, he still looks like the comic version except for one odd detail: you can see his face.

While the Iron Monger should just have a barebones of a face: eye slits and a vague mouth, this version took the path to humanize him and gave him a smiling face and a set of eyes. It makes him look like a pig. Another issue with Iron Monger is his articulation, actually the lack thereof. He technically has three points of articulation: arms and neck.  But all of it can barely move. His neck is inhibited by his collar, while his shoulder pads and legs prevent his arms from moving. His blue metallic paint looks great though.

Hasbro has also redone the packaging for the line, but the backgrounds are the same as the original Iron Man 4-packs, but they come out easily and make for great display pieces. By creating 3-packs instead of 4-packs like the last two Marvel films, they’re able to keep the price point right around $10. As a three pack, this works really well. While I’m personally tired of this Iron Man sculpt, Iron Monger isn’t bad and War Machine may be one of my top five favorite Super Hero Squad figures ever.

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Iron Man, War Machine & Iron Monger
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