LEGO TMNT Review: Stealth Shell in Pursuit #79102

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I love the Ninja Turtles. Seriously. When I look back at the stories that shaped me into who I am today, four properties have had drastic influences shaping me into who I am today: The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (of if you would prefer, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird). So when I say I love LEGO right now, it goes beyond just the plastic bricks.

Or maybe LEGO implanted a chip in my brain while I was sleeping to get as much of my money as possible. Both seem like realistic options.

Fishface is out looking for trouble on his ooze-launching sewer skimmer. Chase him through the city sewers in Raphael’s Stealth Shell! Outmaneuver his reverse flick missiles with the Stealth Shell’s tri-wheel design and dual flame exhaust. Then fire the dual flick missiles at that menacing mutant before he launches ooze all over the city!

Stealth Shell in Pursuit is the second smallest set in the LEGO TMNT line. With a price point of $20 and a piece count of 162, the set averages 12.3 cents per brick. For a licensed line, that’s pretty good, especially given the quality of the minifigures. But besides the minifigures, there isn’t much of a reason to get this set.

All four of the turtles share the same design elements, so the only differences between them really are color and paint. Raphael is essentially identical to Mikey, the same head shape and shell, but his skin is a darker shade of green which helps set him apart. Raphael is frowning and his lime green eyes are looking up.

The other big change on Raph is his shell. In the Nickelodeon TMNT series, Raphael is more scarred including multiple cracks in his shell. The paint applications are perfect and there are little touches that set them apart further, like Mikey and Raph having different belt designs. Sadly, LEGO did not create an easy way for Raphael to store his pair of sais.

The first of two vehicles is the Stealth Shell. A cross between a dune buggy and a motorcycle, the vehicle looks awkward at best. The yellow, gray and sewage green color scheme feels unfinished. As a vehicle, it’s neat in concept, but the execution doesn’t wow me.

Two flick and fire missiles are mounted to the rear, and the headlights double as missiles as well. The top lifts up to reveal the cockpit, but it is a clunky assembly that results in the figure having to lay down inside of it. There are at least places to store Raphael’s weapons, but they get in the way of the sides so it then doesn’t close completely. This vehicle just feels like it could have used one or two more design discussions.

On the side of the Foot Clan are two of Shredder’s minions. The Foot Ninja is identical to the one included in Kraang Lab Escape. The design is great for a troop builder, and any kid who loves the Ninja Turtles will be happy with multiples. The all black outfit screams ninja, but the little touches like the speckled eyes and Foot insignia headband really sell the figure.

For a weapon, this Foot soldier comes with two golden throwing stars. For extra pieces though, this set includes an additional throwing star and an extra sai, so weapons will be bountiful!

The other figure is Shredder’s newest hench-mutant, Fishface. Originally the gangster Xever, Fishface got the short end of the mutating stick since his fish form doesn’t have legs… or the ability to breathe in the air. So Shredder got Baxter Stockman to make him robotic legs and a breathing apparatus.

Fishface is almost entirely new. Made of five pieces, he made the translation into LEGO rather well. His arms are identical to Gollum’s, but his stomping legs take up a 2×2 space. Amazingly, LEGO has done a better job with his paint then Playmates did with their figure. The fish part of Fishface is a single piece with painted teeth, eyes, stomach and gear. It all looks really good.

Sadly, Fishface doesn’t come with any weapons. His switchblade is absent, but LEGO could have added a knife or blaster for him!

The final build is a Foot Clan speedboat. The Sewer Skimmer is a small build, but I love the consistency in colors. Made up of only dark red, black and gray bricks, it matches the Foot Ninja’s design. The boat doesn’t have much, just a small area for Fishface to drive it (why the fish is driving a boat is beyond me).

The back of the boat has a small catapult to launch either a minifigure or two of the massive canisters of ooze. The ooze canisters are nice and use stickers on the lids, but they are absolutely massive. But anything that makes more mutants is fine by me! Two flick and fire missiles are there as well.

The real value of this set comes from Fishface. The two vehicles are unmemorable, the Foot Ninja is available in almost every set, and Raphael is the most common of the four turtles. It doesn’t feel like an awful value, but there isn’t much here that makes me think, “wow.”

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Written by jestergoblin

January 14th, 2013 at 8:00 am

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