DC Universe Action League Review: Batman with Hydrobat Sled

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DC Universe Action League Batman with Hydrobat Sled

An Action League wave wouldn’t be complete without the Batman.  But in an unexpected twist, Batman is not only a brand new figure, but also a release of a figure originally shown off years ago for the Brave and the Bold Action League.

The Goddamn First Appearance BatmanBatman in the Shifting Seas of Peril!

Stripped of all his aquatic gear, Batman is actually a brand new figure! And not just a new figure, but a whole new variant – First Appearance Batman! When he first debuted, the Bat-Man was a different kind of caped crusader. While his look hasn’t changed much, there are two big changes.

Batman is posed in the stepping forward pose that the Action League loves for some reason I still can’t fathom. It makes balancing near impossible and Batman cannot stand on his own – and Mattel didn’t bother including a clear stand for him!

The other oddity of this figure are the giant purple gloves. Weird Batman variants are nothing new in this line, but seeing the first appearance gloves is amusingly odd (he wore them so he wouldn’t leave finger prints). It’s made even more absurd because Batman’s cowl is the classic look. So you’re stuck with a modern Batman in gray and black with two dark purple gloves! For articulation, Batman has cut shoulders, waist and neck.

The Batmen

Black Manta's gear?Don't touch him, he'll toppleThe Hydrobat Sled is a weird accessory that looks more like something Black Manta would use. Vaguely bat-shaped with bright red eyes and handles, it fires out a two-pronged missile. The spring launcher isn’t great and the missile only goes about a foot in distance with any real force. It is fired by pushing the eyes. Two handles in the back allow Batman to hold it with ease.

The final accessory is an aquatic helmet for Batman to wear. Cast in smoky purple plastic with red details, it’s a nice look accessory but has one huge issue: it doesn’t fit Batman’s head. His head is way too small and it just tumbles off.

As a “two-pack,” I can’t help but feel disappointed by this set. Finding it on clearance for only $4 helps a lot, but I could never see paying full price for this. The Batman variant is a neat little reference, but feels somewhat out of place in a toy line like this. The Hydrobat Sled and helmet are haphazard accessories and makes me think Mattel is just producing product to produce product, not because they have a toy they want to make.


DC Universe Action League

Wave 1
Superman & Bizzaro | Hal Jordan & White Lantern Sinestro
Firestorm & Deathstorm | The Flash & Captain Boomerang

Wave 2
Green Arrow & Prometheus | Batman & the Joker
John Stewart & Atrocitus | Tomar Re & Low

Wave 3
Superman & Wonder Woman | Batman & Deathstroke
Split Hal Jordan & Saint Walker | Killowag & Zilius Zox

Wave 4
Batman & Bronze Tiger | Professor Zoom & the Flash
Martian Manhunter & Deadman | Yellow Lantern Sinestro & Akrillo

Flashpoint Universe Action League
The Flash &  Citizen Cold | Project: Superman & The Batman
Wonder Woman & Aquaman | Cyborg & Element Woman

Wave 6
Green Lantern with Cannon Construct | Larfleeze with Glomulus
Batman with Hydrobat Sled | The Atom with Plastic Man Glider

The New 52 5-Pack
with Blue Beetle, Phasing Martian Manhunter, New 52 Batman, New 52 Wonder Woman & Shazam!

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January 30th, 2013 at 12:00 am

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