DC Universe Action League Review: Orange Lantern Larfleeze with Glomulus

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Several years ago, Geoff Johns at DC comics introduced a concept that in hindsight seems stupidly obvious: what if there were lanterns of every color. Grabbing the rainbow, Hal Jordan soon found himself facing off against Yellow Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, the Star Sapphires (violet, I guess) and a single Orange Lantern.

Orange Lantern LarfleezeLarfleeze and Glomulus in Attack of the Lantern Thieves!

Unlike the other colored corps, there is only one Orange Lantern – Larfleeze. An ancient alien who came in possession of the Orange Lantern, he runs his own Corp in his own way. It makes sense too since orange is the color of avarice.

Originally known as Agent Orange, Larfleeze was once a slave and now possesses a great desire to simply own things. This desire is so strong that he doesn’t really let go of his lantern ever… or share his powers. In fact, his figure is permanently clutching his Orange Lantern to his chest!

Larfleeze has a weirdly inhuman physiology. The extra-long arms would come down to his knees if allowed, while his body remains skeletally thin. Cast only in bright orange plastic, Mattel got creative with his skin tone and made him orange instead of brown. The sculpt is great with his weird tusks and elongated hands.

The paint is minimal with most of it just being the orange color of the plastic and some black paint on the arms and chest. Stamped on his chest, shoulders and ring is the symbol of the Orange Lantern Corps.

What really wows me about this figure is the articulation. Originally, I thought Larfleeze only has cut shoulders, neck and waist. But after playing with him, I realized his right forearm and left bicep also have swivel joints! This allows him to aim his ring and move his lantern away from his chest!


Not SlimerLarfleeze comes with a construct like Green Lantern, but this is actually more like a second figure! While the Orange Lantern Corps consists of a single member, Larfleeze makes construct members to help him out. Glomulus is one of those constructs.

Like a twisted Slimer from hell, Glomulus originally was a tavern cleaner that would eat all the garbage. One day he accidentally developed a taste for blood and ate everyone in the inn. Running away, he got killed and turned into a construct somehow.

Glomulus is a four-armed creature with a giant mouth. Cast entire in translucent orange plastic, his mouth and tongue are painted red but it is barely noticeable (and talk about impossible to photograph). His longer arms support his weight, while the smaller ones are kept close to his torso – it must be an Orange Lantern thing. He has no articulation.

At Glomulus’s tail is a place for Larfleeze to project him, but you can’t really line it up right for displaying. Either way, he stands just fine on his own.

As a two-pack, this one is so much better than Green Lantern with his cannon or Batman with his underwater sled. You get two actual figures that are both brand new and look amazing. They’ve got unique sculpts, decent paint and Larfleeze’s articulation took me completely by surprise. Sure, I wish the Lantern was removable but having it glued in place makes sense. Now all we need is Star Sapphire and an Indigo Lantern, and the whole rainbow is in Action League form.

This universe is getting big.

DC Universe Action League

Wave 1
Superman & Bizzaro | Hal Jordan & White Lantern Sinestro
Firestorm & Deathstorm | The Flash & Captain Boomerang

Wave 2
Green Arrow & Prometheus | Batman & the Joker
John Stewart & Atrocitus | Tomar Re & Low

Wave 3
Superman & Wonder Woman | Batman & Deathstroke
Split Hal Jordan & Saint Walker | Killowag & Zilius Zox

Wave 4
Batman & Bronze Tiger | Professor Zoom & the Flash
Martian Manhunter & Deadman | Yellow Lantern Sinestro & Akrillo

Flashpoint Universe Action League
The Flash &  Citizen Cold | Project: Superman & The Batman
Wonder Woman & Aquaman | Cyborg & Element Woman

Wave 6
Green Lantern with Cannon Construct | Larfleeze with Glomulus
Batman with Hydrobat Sled | The Atom with Plastic Man Glider

The New 52 5-Pack
with Blue Beetle, Phasing Martian Manhunter, New 52 Batman, New 52 Wonder Woman & Shazam!

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February 4th, 2013 at 12:12 am

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