Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Review: Battle Vault

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Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Battle Vault

It’s sad to see how much the Super Hero Squad has dwindled. In the last two years, only a handful of three-packs have been released and the two-packs are non-existent. But when a new Marvel movie comes out, Hasbro dusts the line off for what I keep thinking is the last hurrah. With Iron Man 3 approaching, Hasbro has released two two-packs that aren’t based on that movie.

A lot has changed since Iron Man was first released. The movie was such a surprise hit that Hasbro didn’t even bother making movie-themed toys, they just made some multi-packs and then had to scramble. The Battle Vault harkens back to the first Iron Man movie and it just works – even if it is all repaints.

Mark ITony Stark’s house is like a museum for awesome suits of armor. Every version of Iron Man ever is stored in a single, impregnable vault. That way, he has a mighty suit ready for any battle situation.

The Mark I is the original Iron Man armor and has been released multiple times. The movie version was built by Tony Stark in a cave in Afghanistan and looks haphazard. Originally, I thought this was just a repack but the subtle changes of paint make this the best version of the suit out there.

The design is a mishmash of parts and pieces, but the end result is a solid suit of iron that looks like a guy would wear. The right hand is out stretched and gives a nice view of the forging gloves Tony used. Attached to the wrist is a flame thrower, while his left arm is against his side. Articulation three cut joints: shoulders and waist. While it doesn’t feel like much, it works very well for this suit of armor since the head couldn’t really move.

The paint is what impresses me most though on the Mark I. The paint takes the intricate sculpt and raises it up thanks to a messy wash that fills the cracks and crevices. The brown gloves and yellow fuel tank add some extra color, while the arc reactor is a dull blue.

Iron Man Mark IIISince Toy Stark is a vain as can be, the next figure is his Mark III costume. The variations of the different armors are subtle, so this figure works perfectly as a catchall Iron Man.  Posed with his left hand held out and his right clenched in a fist, this pose is pretty standard for Iron Man. Like the other movie figures, the level of detail is a bit higher than the average Super Hero Squad figure.

Weird.Iron Man faces to the left and his neck is at an odd angle, which means his pose options are limited. Iron Man moves at the shoulders, waist and neck. The paint is metallic red and looks good. Golden touches are on the arms, legs, face and chest and are well painted while his eyes, repulsor and reactor are light blue. In an odd choice, the back of each arm have silver spots on them. It looks like he was painted with his arms in one position, and then moved.

Iron Monger v3The final figure is one who hasn’t been seen in a long time – the Iron Monger! A repaint of the movie version, this may be one of my favorite figures in a long time. The movie version of Iron Monger was just him being a bigger Iron Man, while his comic counterpart was a massive blue robot. This figure uses the movie design and the comic coloring.

Iron Monger is still massive. He towers above most figures with his intricately detailed suit of armor. Each finger is detailed with a sculpted hinge, while his torso is made up of interlocking plates and pistons. It’s just a beautifully sculpted figure. For articulation, Iron Monger moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

To set him apart, Iron Monger took a page out of Iron Man’s Stealth Armor designs (yes, I know those aren’t supposed to be blue) and he looks incredibly unique. The metallic blue allows the sculpt to shine, while black details on the legs and upper arm are black for some mild contrast. Finally his frowning face and reactor are painted bright red. The whole package just pops.

Normally I get upset when Hasbro just repackages figures but in this situation, I’m actually impressed. Iron Man came out five years ago, so there is a whole generation of kids that missed out on these figures the first time. This three-pack is pricey, I ended up paying $13 for it, but Iron Monger is great, the Mark I is the best version and even the Mark III is fine. Sometimes sets aren’t made for collectors, but this is one of those rare cases where I’m okay with it because it is a good toy.

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