Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Review: Expo Air Assault

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Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Expo Air Assault

The first of the Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad 3-packs covered the original Iron Man movie. The second pack covers Iron Man 2, but being a 3-pack means it suffers in a weird way. Or maybe I’m just annoyed we never got an armored Whiplash figure.

As the robotic minions of the Hammer Corporation run rampant, Iron Man and War Machine team up for a final aerial showdown with the dangerous horde of drones!

Mark V Iron ManOne of the coolest parts of Iron Man 2 was the introduction of the Iron Man Mark V suit – better known as the suitcase suit. A lightweight armor that Tony Stark made, this figure has some minor paint differences from the original release three years ago. Posed identically to the Mark III suit, Tony has his left arm outstretched and his right clenched in a fist. Articulation is the shoulders and neck.

Shoddy paint jobThe sculpt looks good with the tread-like design on the arms and legs. The head is oversized because it is a rubber helmet that covers Tony’s face. Once removed, Tony’s head looks undersized and poorly painted. The eyes have been redone in a reddish brown, while the hair is sloppily done – it completely misses his side burns!

The rest of the paint on the figure is equally disappointing. The first Mark V figure was the wrong color and looked unfinished. This version faces a similar problem. The dark metallic red used looks great, but the silver details see to just stop on the figure – especially on the chest.  A few extra areas of paint would have made this a must-have, especially on the back.

War MachineNext up is Tony’s best friend and armored not-quite sidekick – War Machine! Another repaint, War Machine has been released two other times with this sculpt but boy does he look good this time around. Utilizing a black and white color scheme with red highlights, War Machine looks mean.

The sculpt is intricate as can be, but the black plastic helps keep the figure from looking busy. Instead, you end up with a figure that looks a lot like my favorite War Machine Super Hero Squad figure. The shoulder mounted missiles and chain gun are nice touches and help set War Machine apart from Tony.

The post is a little off. All the movie Iron Man figures have the wide stance and he’s no different. The right hand is pointing a finger which is odd, while the left brandishes a repulsor. For articulation, War Machine moves at the waist, shoulders and neck – but the shoulders and neck and limited by the shoulder pads.

HAMMER DroneThe final figure is a repaint of the troop building Hammer Drone! Created by Justin Hammer out of stolen Stark technology, the Hammer Drone looks more like its movie counterpart. The design shares elements with both Iron Man and War Machine, but the skinnier proportions make it clear that there isn’t a human driving the suit.

The right hand is pointing, which mimics War Machine’s pose, while the left hand is held out with a wrist missile launcher. The sunken head looks just alien enough. The Hammer Drone only moves at the shoulders.

For paint, most of the figure is cast in a tarnished gray color with minimal paint details, like blue eyes, bronze bolts and yellow warning signs stamped on the head and shoulders. As a troop builder it is nice, but as a figure the post just doesn’t make sense for a robot – there’s too much personality.

No Whiplash? Boring.

As a 3-pack, I am much less exciting about this one than the one based off the first movie. While War Machine looks good, Iron Man and Hammer Drone feel incomplete. While I like have more drones, this isn’t how I want to get troop builders. For kids who missed out on Iron Man 2 figures the first time, this isn’t awful but ends up just being really mediocre.

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