LEGO Legends of Chima Review: Ewar’s Acro-Fighter #30250

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LEGO Legends of Chima Ewar's Acro-Fighter

Over lunch last weekend, Poe Ghostal, Rustin Parr, prfkttear and me (name dropping, I know) were talking about reviewing LEGO sets. Unlike most companies (cough Hasbro and Mattel, cough), LEGO’s press photos are super accurate. You see the image; you have a very good idea of what you’re getting. Every now and then, especially with minifigures though, there is more to them than meets the eye.

EwarIn January, LEGO Stores had a deal where if you spent $75 or more, they threw in a free Legends of Chima polybag. Originally, I was planning on staying away from these figures but this single set turned me from indifferent to fighting with all my power to now buy them all.

The gist of Legends of Chima is you have two groups of anthropomorphic animals battling for Chi, these magical crystals. One side has lions and eagles while they battle wolves, crocodiles and ravens. It’s your standard LEGO plot (though if you ask me, I bet the lions are fascists and the eagles are racist against the ravens).

Naked EwarEwar’s Acro-Fighter is a small set and it clocks in at 33 pieces in all. Or it is supposed to, for some reason mine came with ten extra 1×1 round translucent light blue tiles! First up is the figure, Ewar.

I don’t know anything about this guy other than he’s a giant mutant bird. Ewar’s design is pale blue and white with yellow hands to represent his talons. The torso is ripped and has a vaguely Egyptian inspired motif – he’d make a perfect Horus!

Goggles?The head is double sided and has two distinctly different faces. One shows a yellow beak and furrowed yellow eyes, while the other side looks kind of like he’s wearing orange goggles. But it is even neater in execution thanks to the accessories.

Wings! LEGO WINGS!To give Ewar wings, a new armor piece has been made that includes studs on the front and back. Add in some clips and you’ve got an impressive wing span that works with any minifigure. Want to make armored angels? Here you go. The helmet is an interesting piece and exposes the eyes so Ewar can either be focused or have giant orange eyes. It’s a really well done effect.

For an accessory, Ewar comes with a Chi crystal which is a brand new brick that reminds me a lot of the Aquanaut crystals. It’s translucent light blue and will look great in any LEGO treasure vault.

Sky Ski?For the build, the Acro-Fighter is made up of a handful of bricks that looks vaguely like a bird and matches Ewar’s color scheme of white and blue. It kind of looks like a jet ski with tiny wings and isn’t that exciting.

For a free set, this singlehandedly got me hooked on Legends of Chima. I already have a weakness for anthropomorphic animals thanks to TMNT, and getting a giant mutant bird is awesome. The chest armor is especially impressive and now I need to get more of them. Crap.

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