LEGO Legends of Chima Review: Winzar’s Pack Patrol #30251

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LEGO Legends of Chima Winzar's Pack Patrol
I’ve fallen in love with the LEGO polybags for one simple reason: the take the best part of the collectible minifigures (new figures), subtract the worst part (blind bagging) and add in some bricks to remind me of the old $2.99 LEGO sets of my youth. Sure, the prices have gone up but the simple fact of the matter is I have been able to get one of each of the Legend of Chima animals for under $40 in all.

Winzar the ScarredWinzar’s Pack Patrol showed up for at my Target in the Valentine’s Day seasonal offering. Did it make any sense? Not at all, but LEGO seems to keep releasing these sets around the holidays. Much like Ewar’s Acro-Fighter, you get a figure, a crystal and a small build.

Winzar UnmaskedWinzar is of the wolf pack in Legends of Chima and has been in a fight or two. Like Ewar, he’s your standard minifigure under it all. Cast in light gray, the paint looks incredible with a chest gem, ripped muscles and a furry pair of undies that evoke childhood classics like He-Man. Hanging from Winzar’s belt is what looks like a rabbit’s foot, but is probably some twisted trophy of his most recent victim. The clawed “toe” decal is a very nice touch.

I'd be angry tooWinzar’s face is terrifying. The regular head shows a crazy yellow eye and three bloody claw marks running across his face and blind eye. His asymmetrical teeth show he may not always be a winner, but he is a survivor. The other face is him growling, but the two tell a very interesting story. To round out the figure is the new wolf head piece that is painted with a 5-o-clock muzzle and long red scars. It’s terrifying, but works much better than the Wolfman. Depending on which face you use, he can have an open eye looking to the side or one focusing straight ahead.

Vague Wolf ShapeThe Pack Patrol is a cross between a snow mobile and a jet ski from what I can tell. Using a dark gray and brick red color scheme, LEGO did some genius building to give the vehicle the shape of a wolf head. The black “nose” in the bow, the sloped “ears” in the back above the lights and the white “fangs” holding the front together all give this build a unique feel that I enjoy.

While the only accessory included in the set is a Chi crystal, the Park Patrol includes two scythe blades and a long bone staff allowing Winzar to get equipped. It also includes a pair of skis.

For $5, I love this set. The Legends of Chima minifigures are kryptonite for me. Anthropomorphic animals are a horrible collector weakness I have, but I love how LEGO is making these figure readily available at all price points. As someone who has fond memories of scrounging up loose change to buy LEGO sets in my youth, knowing that tradition can continue is one that makes me happy.

Totally worth $5

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