Super Mario Bros. Wii K’NEX Review: Princess Peach

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Blind Bagged K'NEX Super Mario
Sorry for completely disappearing for a few weeks, life has been kind of nuts… which sadly meant something had to give, and this site was the sacrifice. But I’m back for now with some figures that have been requested. Remember those Mario Kart K’NEX figures? Well, K’NEX released another blind bag series based on Super Mario Bros!

The code!This series contains 9 figures – but Princess Peach is the only new sculpt. Mario and Luigi and repacked, while Fire Mario and Ice Luigi are repaints. Yellow and Blue Yoshi are in the wave too, along with two different versions of Toad. With each figure showing up twice in two variants, the traditional feel-check is much harder to pull off – and not just because K’NEX wraps the figures in tissue paper.

From what I’ve gathered, these figures follow a similar code and I believe the key to finding Peach is the double underline under the second digit. Otherwise, you can feel for her skirt.

Parts & PeachesIn the bag, Peach comes in three pieces: dress, torso and head. Her assembly brain numbingly easy (though if you struggled with the Shrine of the Silver Monkey as a kid, this might be beyond you). Once put together, you get a nice little figure who is unmistakably Princess Peach.

Hello!Well, a dead version of Princess Peach forever trapped staring ahead. I don’t know what it is about this pink princess, but her vacant stare is weird. There’s something about the Mario designs that just feel odd. Peach has cut shoulders and wrists, while her hair keeps her head in place and her waist is a square peg.

Hot Peach Upskirt photo! (Take that SEO)Peach also doesn’t have foot pegs… or hands that can hold traditional LEGO bricks. So for once, this figure isn’t compatible with LEGO! It isn’t a huge deal since her giant skirt keeps her from falling, but it makes me wonder if K’NEX is reducing the cross compatibility.

Speaking of compatibility issues, Peach towers over a standard LEGO figure. She doesn’t come with any accessories.

When placed with the other K’NEX Mario figures, Peach fits in well but her figure is just kind of boring to me. While my younger sister was ecstatic to see the figure (and immediately wished I had toys like this when she was little), Peach is just okay. The new price point of $3.99 a figure makes her a little less appealing, but she isn’t that bad.


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