LEGO Iron Man 3 Review: Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle #76006

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LEGO Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle

Like last time, this review may contain spoilers for Iron Man 3. Or comments that are completely wrong and out of place based solely on my own speculation. Either way, you’ve been warned.

Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle is the $20 set with 195 bricks in. While slightly over the 10 cents a brick cost that is ideal, for a licensed set it certainly feels like it is the right size (far more than Shredder’s Dragon Cycle). For $20 you get three figures, a large speedboat and a buoy and two of the figures are exclusive to this set!

Extremis Iron ManScared TonySmug TonyTony Stark returns but in a new suit of armor, the Extremis! For hardcore collectors, it’s a nice change from the Mark VI and Mark VII suits in The Avengers line but at the end of the day, it feels very similar. The gold plates overlap and the arc reactor is a circle, but there isn’t a whole lot that is really different.

Iron Man’s helmet even looks to be identical this time around with the life up faceplate. Underneath the head though is a new Tony Stark head! The smirking, self-confident face is the same but the reverse side shows a scared Tony. For accessories, Iron Man comes with two translucent light blue studs to act as repulsors and two round 1×1 round bricks for blasting off.

War MachineTeamed up with Iron Man is his friend and ally, James Rhodes – better known as War Machine. Wearing a suit of armor based off the Mark II design, War Machine has been upgraded and augmented with military weapons. The suit has the same basic design as Iron Man. The silver and gray paint is impeccable, especially the little details like the words danger, the star on his hip, and 002 designating probably which version of the War Machine this is.

Serious AngryWar Machine’s helmet is identical to Iron Man’s, but silver and gray. Underneath is a new head with Rhodey looking sullen or angry depending on which side you want. It’s a nice head, but doesn’t seem particularly much like Don Cheadle.

War Machine is best known for his additional weapons, like a shoulder mounted gun. To make due, LEGO created a backpack like assembly that allows for a gun to be mounted over his shoulder. While Iron Man has blue bricks for his blasts, War Machine has them in translucent red.

Aldrich KillianThe final figure in the set is Aldrich Killian – a character who hasn’t done a whole lot in the comics. The creator of the Extremis Virus, he was filled with guilt over it and killed himself during Warren Ellis’s run. In the movie, he seems to be aiding the Mandarin in destroying Tony Stark.

Very seriousInjecting himself with some formula meant to turn him into a super soldier, Killian doesn’t look good. From the neck down, he’s a regular LEGO figure in a straw colored two button suit. It’s generic and would look at home on any figure.

But the head is creepy. Killian’s head glows-in-the-dark and has an off-putting bone white color. His normal face is stern, but turn the head around and you’ve got a raged filled creature with blood red eyes and pulsating veins. Creepy as can be, but really awesome. Killian comes with a gun and dynamite, which can be stored in the boat.


Well done missiles!The big build of the set lends to the idea that Killian and Mandarin are working together since it uses the same green and yellow color scheme. Measuring 8.5 inches long, the speedboat looks really, really good – especially in comparison to some of LEGO’s more recent offerings. The build is sleek and done entirely out of bricks.

Smooth sailingWhile I usually detest flick and fire missiles, but this set does them right by including a launcher. The massive engine hides two levers that allow the missiles to launch with ease and look great to boot. The bow of the boat opens to reveal a hiding spot, while the bottom is covered in round plates allowing the boat to slide seamlessly over the floor. The only downside is that it doesn’t actually float.

Buoy is a weird word.The final build is a small buoy that looks nice and helps add some value to the set by working as both a piece of set dressing, a catapult and an exploding accessory! The middle plate can launch figures or the top of the buoy into the air with slight pressure – but if you don’t like action figures, it’s perfectly stable on its own!

Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle is a great set. Iron Man and War Machine look great, Killian is creepy as can be with his skull face and the boat just works – both as a display piece and a toy. For fans of Iron Man, this is the must-have set from Iron Man 3.


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