Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Review: Armored Mission 6-Pack

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Iron Man 3 Super Hero Squad Armored Mission 6-pack

Every time I think the Super Hero Squad line is finally dead, Hasbro throws out on more set to let it live on a little longer. It’s been going on for almost two years with the line coming up to breath in weird little ways. But out of the blue, this exclusive six-pack showed up on Target shelves without a single repack in it!

Iron Man and Iron Patriot team up to battle the Mandarin! No matter what evil plan the villain has in mind, Iron Man has the armor to stop him!

stArk or Avengers?This Armored Mission Pack is almost exactly what I wanted when I thought about Iron Man 3 packs. The first two three-packs were disappointments to me, but I understood the appeal of them. This six-pack though seems like Hasbro is listening to me. If they are, I would very much like Kraven, Gargoyle, Nighthawk and H.E.R.B.I.E. to be released!

The packaging isn’t anything special. The large window gives you a good view of the figures so you can check the paint before buying. Some Iron Patriots looked more like an Iron Mess, but I found one that was good enough. In an interesting twist, the packaging calls this a “Concept Series” – which makes me wonder if more of these are coming down the road.

For the first time in what feels like ages, an insert is included with a giant Avengers A (or just the A in STARK), it’s basic but a nice little backdrop for displays. But I’ve already recycled all the packaging from these.

Ghost Armor Iron Man

When the Super Hero Squad Armor Vault three-pack came out, I was oddly amused by it. There seem to be two camps of toy collectors: those who hate all reuse and repainting and those who are okay with it. I’ve been saying for years, if any character can get away with repaints, it’s Iron Man. Which may explain why this set includes four brand new armors…

Ghost Armor Iron Man is just a single coat of paint away from being Arctic Adventures Iron Man. A repaint of the at-the-time called Modern Armor Iron Man; this was the suit Iron Man was wearing in the early 2000s, before the whole Extremis thing. It’s big, it’s bulky and this figure actually looks like there could be a man inside of it.

Big & BulkyThe post is solid with Iron Man leaning back on his feet with both hands outstretched and ready to blast with his repulsors. The sculpt is intricate, but the paint does few favors to make it shine. The pearl white color looks very much like plastic, while the charcoal and gold give the figure a unique look.

But for the figure looking like plastic, which actually works because the Ghost Armor is made of plastic! A revised version of his Stealth Armor, the Ghost Armor looks good. Iron Man moves at the shoulders and waist – and possibly the head but mine doesn’t want to budge.

Iron Man Mark 42Next up is Iron Man Mark XLII – or 42 if you prefer. So Iron Man has clearly been busy since debuting the Mark 7 in Avengers. The sculpt is the same Movie Iron Man look we’ve seen a handful of times, but redone in bright red and gold. Posed with his hand outstretched and the other clenched tight, it’s a fine Iron Man stance and matches up with the promotion art that is always used.

Iron Man Mark 42 moves at the shoulders, neck and waist but the neck is at a slight angle while the shoulder pads keep the arms from fully moving. It’s a decent amount – but Iron Man really only has a single pose: blasting.

The paint is good to say the least. The gold and red are crisp and with bountiful coverage – Hasbro didn’t skimp on the back of the figure this time through. The arc reactor and eyes are multilayered as well. It’s just a good looking variant, especially for kids just being introduced to Iron Man.

The MandarinEver since Mandarin debuted in the Super Hero Squad, I have been clamoring for a green robed version! While I grew up on the green-skinned alien-like guy from the old Marvel Action Hour, I’m finally at the point of not expecting my Mandarin to have green skin – but I am expecting green clothes! A straight repaint of a figure that hasn’t been seen on shelves in six years, Mandarin looks pretty good.

Missing a ring...

The sculpt still holds up well with flaming seams in his robes, ornate jewelry and a Fu Manchu mustache. One of my favorite little touches on Mandarin though comes from him being a Super Hero Squad figure. The line follows a few minor stylish touches, like oversized hands and feet and having hands with only three fingers. But the Mandarin is known for having ten magical rings – to get around this, Hasbro sculpted two rings on each of the Mandarin’s middle fingers! I still love it!

Sadly, the paint isn’t perfect on this foe. The robes feel sloppy, with some green spilling over and the yellow coverage not being enough. But the worst offense is the Mandarin’s first ring on his left, middle finger is unpainted! And it was unpainted on all of the figures on the shelf. For articulation, Mandarin has cut joints at the shoulders allowing him to wave his hands menacingly.


Deep Depths ArmorIron Man Deep Depth Armor (I don’t know why they called it that) is a repaint of the Ultimate Iron Man figure. Done in metallic blues and silvers, the Deep Depth Armor evokes the Igor Armor in the upcoming movie. The design is unique and works well for bringing the Ultimate armor into the normal universe. Some minor tweaks repurpose parts as well, like the shoulders having lights on them now.

Deep Depth Armor Iron Man is exactly what I look for in an Iron Man repaint. I love the weird armors that don’t make sense, but are visually different. The silver and blue look isn’t like anything else in the armory and it looks good. For articulation, this suit moves at the neck, shoulders and waist.

Rapid Deploy Iron ManRapid Deploy Iron Man originally debuted back in the Iron Man 2 toy line! Part of the Concept Armor series, it was an excuse for Hasbro to just repaint Iron Man toys in different ways – but I am okay with it! This black and gold suit looks so cool. A repaint of the Mark V, better known as the suitcase suit, the Rapid Deploy suit feels like an alternate universe Iron Man.

Posed like the Mark 42, the design is very similar. Sadly, Hasbro skimped on the paint so the beautiful gold and black design doesn’t continue onto the figure’s back. This figure also includes the only accessory in the set – a removable helmet.

Tony StarkUnderneath is Tony Stark’s smug face and windswept hair. He’s packaged with the helmet off, so get a good look at Tony’s face because some of them had wonky eyebrows and crossed eyes. The helmet is made of a soft rubber and only looks a little bit oversized. Rapid Deploy Iron Man moves at the shoulders and neck, but his left shoulder is very, very loose!

Iron PatriotThe final figure is the third character in the set – War Machine! Well, he’s now known as Iron Patriot which is unsettling given who the last Iron Patriot turned out to be. But Marvel knows a good design when they see one (ever if it was originally a cover made to confuse people), and it looks like Iron Patriot is staying for now.

More AmericaRepainted from the Iron Man 2 War Machine, Iron Patriot is taking off leaving a cloud of smoke under him. The design is just a repaint, but that’s all it is supposed to be – what is even more interesting is how well the design actually works. The metallic blue, red and silver give the figure a unique look and the paint is mostly on the segmented armor. It’s simple, it’s clean and it looks great.  Iron Patriot moves at the shoulders and neck.

For a pack of six repaints, I still really like this set and not just because it is another dying gasp from this franchise that has been around for almost a decade now. These repaints are exactly what I want: unique takes on the Iron Man mythos. I don’t care if the designs aren’t 100% comic accurate, I just want good toys. But more importantly, between this and the other two Iron Man 3 packs, you have pretty much the entire Iron Man movie designs and some villains! Is this pack perfect? No, but at $20 it’s a good deal, even if you already own everything in it like I do.


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