Toy Review: Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad 3-pack – Armor Evolutions

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Iron Man as a toy lends himself to two great outcomes. First, he’s always changing his suit so there are always new variants of him to be released (unlike Batman who just ends up getting oddly painted normally). And Iron Man often redoes his suit in different colors, what was once silver is now gold, what was once gold can now be red. And this Iron Man Movie themed three-pack is all about the repaints.

With new threats always arising, Iron Man knows he can never rest. He works constantly on his armor, inventing new weapons, and new ways of defeating his enemies. It has evolved from a single-purpose suit designed to help him escape captivity into a powerful airborne weapon. No force on Earth can stand up long against the full force of Iron Man!

Remember how after escaping, Tony made a suit of his Mark I armor and painted it gold? No? Well, that’s okay because Iron Man has been known for taking his suits of armor and painting them gold, something that started early on in his comicbook appearances. Mark I is a straight repaint of the silver version that was released.

The paint on the figure looks really well done. It’s tarnished and looks like it’s been used in battle. The gold also helps the details in the suit pop. The asymmetrical-ness of the suit lets you know it was built by hand. Throw in the bulkiness that helps create the illusion that there could be a guy in there, and it’s a pretty decent looking figure. But it feels odd that he’s a comicbook version of a movie costume.  I’d rather get a weird repaint over a repack. The Mark I suit has three points of articulation: arms and waist.

Tony’s Mark II suit is a version that we haven’t gotten yet in the Super Hero Squad style. The last movie pack chose to omit the Mark II in favor of a War Machine figure. This silver suit is a repaint of the last Mark III figure (it’s confusing, I know). While it’s great to finally get this suit, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I completely blame YayaDad for it too after his exceptional custom version he made.

The Mark II is cast in a dull gray plastic that makes up a majority of the figure’s color. His thighs have a tiny bit of detail painted on in silver, same with his underarms. The arc reactor in his chest and repulsor on his left hand are just painted a glossy white, while his face mask is silver with sunken white eyes that are poorly outlined. For a figure that’s supposed to be shiny metal, he feels far too flat. He’s articulated at the waist, arms and neck. His arms are slightly limited by his shoulder pads and his neck is cut at an odd angle so it only looks right in a single pose.

Iron Man Mark III is a repaint of the War Machine figure that was previously released. Thankfully, this one didn’t have the standing issue that War Machine had when first released. Unlike the first round of movie figures, Iron Man gets a majority of his color from the plastic he’s cast in instead of paint. This leaves the Mark III looking very toy-ish, since the maroon color doesn’t work well. Much like Mark II, the paint on this suit is limited as well. Just dabs on his thighs, under arms, faceplate, repulsors, arc reactor and eyes. It sounds like a lot but this figure looks very monochromatic.

Since this is a repaint of War Machine, the Mark III is sporting a gatling gun over his left shoulder and a missile launcher over his right. The missile tips are painted black, but that doesn’t seem to do a whole lot visually. But since this figure was originally War Machine, his pose and faceplate aren’t quite right. His left hand is pointing, which immediately makes me think of how Tony was acting during Marvel’s Civil War while his faceplate’s chin has odd looking beard marking on it. Mark III has the same articulation as the Mark II. Both arms are limited by the shoulder pads again, but his neck is also severely limited as well.

As a three pack of just repaints, I’m a little disappointed by this set but I understand why it exists. For kids who were unable to get movie versions of Iron Man last time, this is a good way to get it out. Iron Man is a character known for his extensive collection of armor, so getting a few more suits for the armory isn’t a problem for me. Thankfully, Hasbro didn’t include any “must have” figures in this set to force collectors to buy the same figures again. While the paint is lackluster, it’s better to get something new instead more of the same.

Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad Collection

Iron Man 2 – Armor Wars I
Iron Man, War Machine & Iron Monger
Iron Man 2 – Armor Wars Part 2
Iron Man, Iron Monger & Crimson Dynamo
Iron Man 2 – Armor Evolutions
Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark II, & Iron Man Mark III
Iron Man 2 – Final Battle
Iron Man Mark V, Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko & Armor Drone
Iron Man 2 – Hi-Tech Showdown
Iron Man Mark VI, War Machine & HAMMER Drone

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