Toy Review: Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad 3-Pack – Armor Wars Part 2

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The second pack in the as-of-now series of two, Armor Wars, follows the same route as the first pack that was released: two new sculpts and one repaint. But this time instead of getting a comic looking pack based off of the movie, this pack draws straight from the comics and throws Iron Man against two of his metal clad foes.

A pair of powerful old enemies from a long-gone nation team up to destroy Iron Man. With armor every bit as fast and powerful as the American Super Hero, these two Iron Curtain stalwarts think there’s nothing that can stop them. It will take all of the power and intelligence Iron Man has to beat his newest foes!

Part of me thinks it’s great that Hasbro was willing to write copy that really refers to the fact that Iron Man’s main villains for a while were little more that communist knock-offs of himself. But I have to say, the use of “old enemies from a long-gone nation” and “best his newest foes” seems a tad off. Had they thrown in a line about Tony Stark being an alcoholic and they would have summarized Iron Man a little too well!

Iron Man is a both a brand new sculpt and a brand new armor. For the first time in the Super Hero Squad, Iron Man’s Proto Armor is on display. This armor marked the first time that Iron Man dressed up in the red and yellow colors of a superhero. The easiest way to tell that it is the Proto Armor is that the faceplate has horns. For many of you who were probably not reading comics back when this suit debuted, this is also the suit he worn during Marvel Zombies.

Iron Man is a decent looking figure. His goldenrod yellow pops well, while the red adds a nice contrast. Throw in the very subtle metallic sheen, and he manages to avoid the plague of just looking like a chunk of plastic. Stark’s pose is fairly neutral, one hand in a grip while the other is palm up ready to repulsor any badguy who gets too close. His articulation is three points, neck and arms, which is a little lacking.

The repaint of this set is none other than the massive green guy: Titanium Man! What were you thinking, the Hulk? A Soviet Union response to Iron Man, Boris the Merciless was a KGB member and was banished to Siberia to help deconstruct a suit of the Crimson Dynamo’s. Much like the original Iron Man suit and Iron Monger, Titanium Man follows the idea of bigger is better. He’s a massive figure that looks like another figure could easily fit in.

This repainted version of the Hulk-sized baddie doesn’t offer too much in terms of changes. His classic yellow eyes have been recolored a dark pink, while his green armor is a darker color that still looks right. Being such a bulky figure, Titanium Man is neckless but still retains his arms and waist for articulation. He looks good and is a fine figure, especially for those who missed out on him last time he was released.

The other badguy for Iron Man to fight is Crimson Dynamo. Instead of being a character, Crimson Dynamo refers to the name of a suit of armor. To date, there have been 14 different Crimson Dynamos. During the last Iron Man movie Super Hero Squad release, the 6th version of the Crimson Dynamo was released (who oddly enough was forced to retire after the death of Titanium Man). The version in this pack though is Yuri Petrovich, the 4th one.

Being a more streamlined version, this version of Crimson Dynamo looks like a bad guy for one reason: his face looks like a red skull. A cross between the Red Skull and Darth Vader with a splash of Iron Man is the best way to describe him. Posed like he is either about to land or just about to take off, this figure looks a lot like the Iron Man released in Collector’s Pack 3. His paint at first glance looks basic, but closer inspection reveals that he has two different shades of red making up his outfit that add some depth. His black eyes look evil and his yellow rocket blasts look good. His articulation is lacking though, he only moves at the arms.

As a three pack, this one isn’t bad at all – especially if you missed out on Titanium Man the first time around. While many people complain about the abundance of Iron Man, I don’t mind as long as Hasbro does something to make it unique. Crimson Dynamo isn’t bad but the character’s complicated history makes him hard to be attached to. It’s a fine part 2 and will give Iron Man and War Machine plenty of new challenges to fight.

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February 22nd, 2010 at 12:05 am

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