Toy Review: G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Wave 3 – Lady Jaye & Major Bludd

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The last set in Wave 3 of G.I. Joe Combat Heroes is the one I was least excited about. Troop Builders are always exciting, while I can never say no to a Cobra Commander. But this set is two characters I don’t care about: Lady Jaye and Major Bludd. Growing up, I never watched a lot of G.I. Joe so I didn’t develop a crush on Lady Jaye (that’s what April O’Neil was for) and before getting this set, I didn’t even know who Major Bludd was.

Lady Jaye was the brunette girl in G.I. Joe, basically she wasn’t Scarlett. Originally created for the 80s cartoon, Jaye has a special claim to fame: she was the 2nd most featured character in the whole show, only Cobra Commander beat her! But this version of Lady Jaye is based off her look in the cartoon, which means one important thing: she’s hatless!

Unlike most female characters done in Hero-style, Lady Jaye is actually articulated! She’s sporting the big four points: arms, neck and waist. It’s impressive but sadly the articulation is the high point of the figure. The sculpt isn’t bad, it’s nicely detailed with her cargo pants, a knife on her right boot and (for some reason) suspenders. Her black gloves make her hands look a little too large, and when combined with her green clothes, she looks like a frog.

What really hurts this figure though is the paint. Her torso and legs are fine but the rest of it is a train wreck. Her bare arms are sloppily done, with some paint bleeding on to her clothes while other parts are so thin the green plastic shows through. But the worst part is her face; her lips are off center which makes her look like a victim of the Joker. It’s really unsettling on such a small figure.

The Cobra representative in this pack is Major Bludd. He’s an Australian mercenary with a mechanical arm and an eye patch. Bludd is a unique looking figure. His color palette is subdued, featuring only browns, blacks and onyx for his metal arm and armor. His paint is very well done, but his hair suffers from the same problem as Gung Ho and Shipwreck: his eyebrow is brown while his mustache and sideburns are black! It happened on all three of these facial hair clad figures.

Major Bludd is decked out with some nice gear. His gun is some oddly pointed thing, while his mechanical arm is in an awkward groping pose (the same one Thor has). His backpack looks like three missiles (that probably load into his gun) but the tips of them are caught by his helmet. His articulation is 4 points as well, but his backpack limits his mechanical arm’s movement, which in turn interferes with his waist movement.

I wasn’t expecting anything from this pack when I got it. It was two characters I didn’t really know anything about and the paint issues on Lady Jaye really put me off. Major Bludd isn’t bad but he’s just a bad guy with a moustache and mechanical arm. If you’re a fan of the characters, you may feel different but for me, as toys, they just didn’t meet my expectations.

G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Wave 3
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Written by jestergoblin

March 3rd, 2010 at 12:06 am

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