Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Red Tornado & Batman

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If there is one thing Mattel loves its endless reuse. Their Masters of the Universe and DC Superheroes lines are both prime examples of that. But when dealing with the Brave and the Bold Action League, Mattel isn’t so generous. Instead of new characters being made or worthwhile repaints, Mattel keeps repacking the same figure again and again.

Batman and the meteorological android, Red Tornado team-up to save the city.

What else is there to say about this version of Batman that hasn’t been said before? He’s a straight repack of the figure that came with the Joker (though this pack was released first). He’s not terribly exciting. The same blue and gray Bats that’s posed mid step. His articulation is the standard four points: neck, arms and waist.

But this figure is the first instance of quality control problems I’ve experienced in the line besides the occasional tight joint. This Batman figure has a serious giraffe neck. It can be pushed up and down, but isn’t as smooth as the normal joints. When pushed all the way down, it looks almost fine. But when it’s pulled all the way up, it’s blatantly wrong.

Red Tornado is one of those characters that has such a screwy history; it’s tough to remember when he’s a robot and when he’s just a guy who was once a robot or a robot that was once a guy. It’s a mess but the important thing is he’s red, a robot and can make tornadoes. Based on just his looks, Red Tornado is like an opposite Batman – dressed in bright red and yellow.

In the Brave and the Bold, Red Tornado has gotten a new costume that keeps the idea of the costume but changes the details. Gone is his cowl and it’s been replaced with shoulder pads and a turtleneck. Tornado’s large T on his chest and yellow arrow on his forehead are visually stunning and serve as a great contrast to his indigo gloves and cape.

What makes this version of Red Tornado unique is that he doesn’t have legs. To show his powers, his legs have been replaced with a whirling twist. Articulation is technically four points, but the waist is moot because of the tornado effect. His arms are not inhibited by his cape or shoulder pads, but his neck is interfered by the shoulder pads.

Red Tornado is a unique looking figure, the whirling base looks great and really helps set the figure apart from the other Brave and the Bold figures. Meanwhile, this Batman is a waste. With the odd neck and the fact that this exact same figure has been released two other times, he doesn’t add much to the value of this pack but as it stands now, this is the only way to get the Red Tornado.

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February 18th, 2010 at 12:11 am

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