Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Batman with Batsub

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Many superheroes have tried to ride Batman’s coattails when it comes to having the coolest gear. But for every Batmobile released, you’ve got to deal with Spider-buggy or Superman’s Justice Walker. While other heroes may not have the coolest toys, Batman rarely disappoints. After all, when you’ve got a hero who is so obsessive compulsive where he has a plan for everything – and the resources to build whatever he wants, the idea of him custom building a submarine in his own image doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Though it makes you wonder who he contracts the work out to…

In this Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League vehicle pack, it follows the underwater theme by including Batman and his trusty, self-indulgent Batsub. The Batman in this set is a repack of the version that came with Ocean Master, Aquaman‘s brother. In terms of Batman variants, this is one of the better done figures. Batman is in the one foot forward pose which isn’t the best, but almost looks like he’s swimming.

What I like about this figure is that much of his design makes sense. When Batman knows he’ll be adventuring underwater, he makes some worthwhile modifications to his Batsuit. Sure, Batman may not need a breathing mask, but the look works well. A simple silver face cover is enough to make the figure look different. His torso is a different piece as well, with a very short cape and what looks like some sort of propulsion system. It makes a lot of sense for Batman to have this when he’s dealing with Aquaman and Black Manta, both characters with extensive underwater experience. Batman has the standard articulation of neck, waist and arms.

The big part of this set is the second piece for Batman’s garage (or would that be Batrage?), the Batsub! This one-person vessel matches with Batman well and follows the visual style of the other vehicles. The red detailing is reminiscent of the Adam West era of Batman, while the yellow eyes on the face add some nice contrast.

The area for Batman to “sit” in is small and can only hold a single figure. It really only has space for Batman to lie down and face straight up through the translucent dome bubble. This means about half of the Batsub is empty space that can’t be utilized.

Since I believe that toys are meant to be played with, I took the Batsub for a test drive in my kitchen sink. I figured the toy would either float like a boat or sink like a sub. It didn’t really do either, the back sunk while the front floated before the ship capsized and just floated there half submerged. Maybe Batman and Mattel need to work on their engineering of aquatic vessels.

It is nice that the Batsub feels much more substantial than the Batcycle. It feels more like toy, but the fact that it doesn’t really float or sink is a bit of a disappointment. As a kid, I always took toys into the water either at Sebago Lake or my friend’s pool (for the record, you will always lose Invisible Woman underwater, always). Of course though, this Batman is paired with Ocean Master so if you want all the vehicles and all the characters you’ll end up with doubles. The price isn’t bad but at $12, I feel like it should have included another figure, like either Aquaman or Black Manta.

Written by jestergoblin

February 25th, 2010 at 12:02 am

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