Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Claw Cruiser with Wolverine

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Hasbro seems to have learned from their mistakes based off the packaging snafu that happened with the first two waves. Instead of being an oddly shaped box, they are now the standard card back package. The vehicle packs now only contain one figure but there is a good side of this: the price has dropped $5 and the sets are now only $10 each.

Metal claws make him a supreme fighter!

I guess they didn’t want to say adamantium but it’s still accurate. Wolverine is a repack of the figure that came in the X-Cutioner’s Song 4-pack. This is one of the best looking Wolverine sculpts, and easily the best yellow suited version. The pose works well with Logan brandishing both sets of claws.  His appearance seems to be based on that of the early 90s. His boots, gloves, underoos and shoulder pads are all blue while his belt is red. The black tiger strips help break up the yellow on his torso and his eyes are white.

One issue with this version of Wolverine is the recent change in how Super Hero Squad figures are produced. The figures used to be cast in white plastic and then painted the appropriate colors. Now, the figures are cast in a color that makes up a majority of the figure. In this case, Wolverine is mostly cast in blue plastic. The big problem is certain paints don’t cover blue plastic very well, and in this situation Wolverine’s bare arms have a bluish hue showing through. Wolverine moves at the standard four points: waist, neck and arms.

Ready to rip up the road in search of bad guys!

The Claw Cruiser is the alliteratedly named vehicle that is a repaint of the Repulsor Racer (which in turn was a repaint of the Arachno Racer but with different rims). Colored in the colors of the X-Men, the Claw Cruiser looks good. As a vehicle, it makes sense that Wolverine would need a car, unlike Spider-Man. The hood is detailed with a massive X-symbol. The doors are detailed with three claws which are subtle enough to make the vehicle work for any of the X-Men.

There is one odd part about the cruiser though and that’s the spoiler. It’s cast in clear plastic and mostly painted blue. The word there is mostly. The connectors are still clear which doesn’t make any sense. The rest of the vehicle is fine though and includes two pegs for attaching figures and the mostly useless trunk that opens in the back.

With the lower price point, these sets seem like a much better deal than the first two waves. Most Super Hero Squad two-packs now retail for $8, so getting a figure and a vehicle for two dollars more is a good bargain. Throw in the fact that this is one of the best Wolverine figures, this is a great set to get a kid but for the collectors, the vehicle isn’t impressive enough to be a draw since Wolverine has been released before.

Super Hero Squad Vehicles Wave 3
Spider Splasher with Spider-ManClaw Cruiser with Wolverine

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March 1st, 2010 at 12:11 am

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