Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Spider Splasher with Spider-Man

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The big difference between Marvel and DC is simple: Marvel doesn’t have a character who can build any and every vehicle but that hasn’t stopped toy companies from treating Spider-Man like he’s Batman. Need to sell a toy car? Spider-Man’s fine (even though he didn’t have a license for years). Need to sell a toy boat? Sure, Spider-Man can do that too. I guess that kind of makes sense, but Spider-Man doesn’t seem like the kind of hero to be driving a duck boat armed with guns.

The waterlogged webslinger!

If Spider-Man is the waterlogged webslinger (which would be fantastic copy if he ever came paired with Hyrdroman), then he probably could have used a boat before his aquatic adventure. This version of Spider-Man first debuted with Mysterio but has since been repacked two other times. Spider-Man is a movie suit style sculpt, which means the webs on his suit are raised. For this figure, the black paint used on the lines is too thin and makes the figure look a little off.

The sculpt is a decent on though. His right hand is a fist while his left is a grip that can hold the very limited accessories that have been released in this line. Spider-Man is articulated at the waist, arms and neck.

Zooming to the rescue on land or water!

Hasbro may call it the Spider Splasher, but as someone who lives right outside of Boston, I know a duck boat when I see one. The Spider Splasher is the second absurd vehicle that’s been given to Spider-Man in Super Hero Squad. But this boat is a brand new vehicle and a pretty decent one at that. Mostly red, it looks a lot like a duck boat and has minimal paint.

The wheels on the boat look great. Mostly black, but the rims are made to look like propellers which is a great touch. The tires are also easily removable so it can be just a boat. The bow is interesting and seems very unhero-like. The giant silver missile launcher is paired with two black guns that just feel out of place. Unlike the Batsub, the Spider Splasher does a much better job of working as toy to be played with in the water. The boat is hollow and has a few drain points which work great so the boat doesn’t become waterlogged.

There are a few areas of the set that don’t really make any sense. First off, the giant spider symbol painted on the bow. It’s upside down. Second is the “launching missile.” It doesn’t launch! There’s a gun, a missile but no spring to make it launch. Instead it just kind of sits there (though it can be flicked with a finger to fire). What’s even weirder is that the missile can be used as a staff by Spider-Man.

Part of me really enjoys the absurdity of this set, especially since the boat works really well as a toy. But it doesn’t make any sense as a Spider-Man toy. The guns, non-working missile launcher and the fact that it’s Spider-Man’s boat just seem like something made by a marketing department. Collectors will probably dislike everything about this set, but for kids this could be a decent $10 set.

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March 2nd, 2010 at 12:04 am

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