Toy Review: Galactic Heroes – Luke Skywalker & R2-D2

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After snagging the Slave 1 with Boba Fett, I knew I was going to be in trouble. I had always been able to resist the siren song of the Galactic Heroes line, with the exception of Darth Vader and the Emperor but I knew once I bit the bullet and bought a real set at retail price, it was going to be bad. While I won’t let it get as bad as my Super Hero Squad addiction and endless desire to be a completist, I know this is a can of worms I can never close back up.

To start off this new adventure, I figure the best place to start is the beginning and when it comes to Star Wars, which means Luke Skywalker. So I set forth two rules for buying Galactic Heroes: a) the character has to be integral to the original trilogy or b) the character has to look cool. For the first set I’m reviewing, it’s all about classic characters: Luke Skywalker & R2-D2.

The first thing I immediately noticed about the set (which is one of the older ones and has since been discontinued but can be found on clearance) is just how massive the packaging is! It just seems downright wasteful it’s so oversized. It’s close to the size of the Iron Man 3-packs that recently came out!

In this set, Luke is wearing his Tattoine outfit. Clad in boring brown, tan and cream colors, he isn’t the most exciting figure. But he’s a guy who lives on a planet that’s made of desert, so it makes sense. The sculpt is pretty simple, almost too simple given what the Heroes-style of figure has become over the last few years. Luke is in the classic Heroes-pose: squatting with both hands out. It made sense when the line was intended as solid figures for Playskool, but given the recent changes in posing, it looks outdated.

Luke is armed with his blue lightsaber, which is painted blue instead of being cast in translucent blue. While the paint on Luke’s outfit looks plain, but good, the face and hands have some issues. The whole figure is cast in flesh-toned plastic, which makes his hands and face look really plastic-y and have a subtle translucentness that looks very off. The face sculpt doesn’t strike me at all as Mark Hamill (but Young Snake Eyes looks just like a young Hamill). The articulation is also a letdown: only his wrists rotate. There’s no neck or waist articulation.

Packed with Luke is none other than special agent of the rebellion, R2-D2 the astromech droid. The robot with a chronic swearing problem [citation needed], Artoo Deetoo isn’t a terribly exciting toy. He’s a three legged robot that looks a lot like a trash can. I may have just gotten a bad figure, but this version of R2-D2 has several problems. First is the paint, the blue details on his body bleed all over his white torso. It looks really bad. The paint on his dome and legs look fine, but your eye is drawn to the horrible mess that makes up his body so really check before buying.

Another major issue with my version of R2-D2 is that the figure looks like he was forced out of the mold while still warm so his entire torso is warped. This isn’t something that can be fixed with a simple boil and reset like most warping issues in these lines. My final issue with R2-D2 is related to articulation. Both of the robot’s legs move, which is fine if somewhat unnecessary because he only really has two poses: moving and standing straight up. R2-D2’s third leg is a solid piece and prevents him from being just upright. But the biggest issue is the complete lack of a “head.” The dome is part of the body and is the only other part of the character even worth articulating but Hasbro didn’t bother which is just disappointing.

As one of my first forays into the Galactic Heroes line, I can’t help but feel completely underwhelmed by this two-pack. Even getting it on clearance for a third of its retail price, both figures have glaring issues that make the figures feel outdated and poorly designed. The articulation seems haphazardly done, while the quality control just doesn’t feel up to standards. At the end of the day, there are much better versions of both characters out there.

Written by jestergoblin

March 12th, 2010 at 12:28 am

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